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Alterations on a Wedding Dress: How to Clean

Bride N Queen Team | 15 November, 2022

            Alterations on a Wedding Dress: How to Clean

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Everything needs to be perfect, from your wedding planning to your wedding dress, suit, and shoes. Keeping your dress clean after the day is also essential. But what do you do when your dress or suit has alterations?

Like most people, you probably don't know how to clean a wedding dress or suit with alterations. Fortunately, you can find professional cleaners specializing in this type of cleaning.

But first, let’s go over what wedding dress alterations are and how they affect the cleaning process.

What do We Mean by Alterations?

Alterations are generally any changes made to a garment after its initial construction. This could be anything from taking in the sides of a dress to shortening the hemline or even something as simple as adding a new button.

Many brides and grooms choose to have their wedding attire altered to fit them perfectly on their wedding day. This is especially common with gowns, as they often need to be taken in at the waist and bust. For men, trousers may need to be shortened to showcase their wedding shoes, or the jacket sleeves might require altering.

Getting your wedding dress alterations done months before your wedding day is good, as you may need several fittings at bridal salons. This will also give the tailor or seamstress time to make any required changes.

Moreover, if you're having your wedding dress or suit dry-cleaned, you'll need to ensure that the alterations are considered. This is because some chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process can damage delicate fabrics.

At the Dress Fitting Appointment

The first step in your wedding dress journey is to schedule a dress-fitting appointment with your local seamstress or tailor. At the dress fitting, they will take measurements and determine what changes need to be made to the dress to fit you perfectly for your wedding day. These changes could include bringing in or letting out the waistline, hemming the length of wedding dresses, or adding straps or sleeves.

Final Fitting

The final fitting is when you bring your wedding dress or suit to be hemmed, taken in, or let out. If you're having your wedding dress altered, the seamstress will mark where changes need to be made and then cut away the excess fabric. They will also sew up loose seams and ensure that the buttons are securely attached for your wedding day.

Dress Fits

Wedding dress fits are a type of wedding dress alteration that is specifically designed to make a wedding dress or suit fit better. This can involve anything from taking in the sides of a wedding dress to shortening the length of a train. It's important to get wedding dress fits done by a professional as they will know exactly how to make the changes without damaging wedding dresses and can help you with any wedding dress alterations FAQs.

Alterations on Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress alterations refer to any changes made to the dress after it has been purchased. These changes can be made by a tailor, seamstress, or even the bride herself. Wedding dress alterations are generally made to alter the fit of the wedding dress, change the style of the wedding dress, or add embellishments.

The most common wedding dress alteration is lengthening or shortening the hemline. Other common wedding dress alterations include adding straps, taking in the sides of the wedding dress, and adding or removing sleeves.

Alterations on Tuxedo and Suits

For tuxedos and suits, the most common alterations are to the jacket. This can involve anything from shortening the sleeves to taking in the sides. More drastic changes can also be made, such as lengthening the jacket or changing the lapels.

Additionally, the trousers may need to be hemmed if they are too long. This is a relatively simple alteration that any tailor can do.

What Happens When the Wedding Attire Needs Washing and Cleaning?

To keep your wedding dress or suit looking its best, you may need to have it professionally cleaned and pressed after the wedding date. This is especially true if the garment has been altered.

One of the top tips is to ensure that the dress or suit is cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding to avoid staining, that all beading and sequins are intact and secure before the wedding dress is sent off to the cleaners, and that you take your wedding dress or suit to a reputable dry cleaner who specializes in wedding gowns.

The wedding dress or suit may require washing and cleaning for several reasons:

  • Sweat and body oils can cause the fabric to turn yellow over time.

  • Dirt, food, and drink spills can cause staining.

  • Crumpled fabric can cause the garment to lose its shape.

How Wedding Dress Alterations Affect Your Gown or Suit

Wedding dresses and suits go through a lot of wear and tear. From the moment you first put it on until the time you take it off at the end of the night, your wedding dress or suit will likely see more action than any other article of clothing you own.

Wedding dress alterations can add even more stress to the fabric, especially delicate fabrics like silk, since they often require more fittings. Without the proper care of a knowledgeable professional, an altered wedding dress may get damaged in the cleaning process. You may find that the altered area frays and begins to fall apart. Therefore, always ensure you take your dress to a trusted professional.

Why It's Best to Contact Expert Cleaners to Professionally Clean Your Dream Wedding Dress

Finding someone who knows how to properly clean and cares for wedding attire with suit or wedding dress alterations is essential. With the right care, you can keep your wedding dress or suit looking new even years after your wedding date.

Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen are expert cleaners who treat every type of fabric and can take care of even the most delicate items, like beading and sequins.

We use modern technology to preserve your wedding attire with suit or wedding dress alterations in the best way possible. Our specially formulated organic coconut water cleaning formula also helps remove unwanted smells from your clothing.

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