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Professional Wedding Dress Cleaner & Preserver

Is a Local Dry Cleaner Good For Your Wedding Dress?

Your wedding day is going to be full of some of the most memorable moments of your life. The food you served, the band you picked, the flowers you chose, the annoying relatives you had to invite – it all will be ingrained in your memory and well-documented in pictures for many, many years.

Arguably, the most memorable, special, and stylish part of your wedding ceremony will be the dress you wear. It is probably the dress you dreamt of as a child and spent weeks hunting for until you found the perfect fit. It is the dress that makes you feel like a princess or a Hollywood star of yesteryears. Maybe it’s a dress that you’re planning to pass down to your yet-to-be-born daughter.

You get the point. Unfortunately, the thing to worry about with delicate fabrics is that they can lose their luster and deteriorate if not preserved properly. Regular dry cleaners are simply not qualified to handle wedding gowns and other antique or ornate garments.

Avoid the Local Dry Cleaner for Your Wedding Dress

There are two types of stains: ones you can see, and others that you can’t see just yet.

The former obviously need to come out, but you also need to take care of those stains that are lurking in invisible mode right now. Skin oils, sweat, champagne, white wine, and colorless-yet-flavored drinks can stain your wedding dress and you may not even notice it. Leave these stains to set and you’ll be looking at irreversible damage in the form of orange- and yellow-colored patches.

Now, you can send your favorite wool blouse or silk shirt to a local dry cleaner, but you do not want to send them your designer or vintage wedding dress for cleaning. This is because they don’t have the appropriate tools and solutions to carefully clean your gown. 

If you are not aware of the latent stains on your dress, your local dry cleaner won’t be either. Unlike a professional wedding dress dry cleaner who meticulously goes over the entire dress and carefully looks for stains, a regular dry cleaner is not that thorough.

Plus, standard dry-cleaning can remove most, but not all kinds of stains. The way that dry-cleaning works is it can only take out stains that are fresh and still settled on the fabric surface. This is why good wedding dress dry cleaners use a combination of dry- and wet-cleaning methods to ensure all stains, dirt, and odors are eliminated.

A bridal dress has to be professionally cleaned, but not every dry cleaner is equipped to handle your dress in order to keep it preserved for a lifetime.

The majority of dry cleaners use a same-size-fits-all method, however, your delicate wedding gown should not be cleaned just like your silk work shirt. The chemicals and solvents your local dry cleaner uses are just too harsh for the fragile fabrics and intricate adornments that make up your bridal gown.

Bride N Queen: Your Trusted Wedding Dress Dry Cleaners

The wedding dress dry cleaners at Bride N Queen have seen the damage caused to a dress by harsh dry-cleaning chemicals. This is why we have created a plant-based cleaning formula with pure coconut water that guarantees removal of 99.99% of stains, no matter how stubborn and old. 

Your wedding gown needs to be thoroughly checked by a wedding dress dry cleaner who knows what’s at stake – your lifetime memories. We take our job very seriously and each step in the dress cleaning and preservation process is executed by hand, with utmost care.

Our 15-step cleaning process ensures that your gown is:

  • Free from all stains, seen and unseen.
  • Immune to yellowing and other discoloration.
  • Preserved for decades to come.
If you’d like to know more about how we can help keep your wedding dress in excellent condition, or you have any questions about our pickup and drop-off services, please fill out this contact form or call us at (317) 209-9951. And you can always order any of our preservation packages online.