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Laxa Cleaners Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation FAQ

By using the most up-to-date technologies, we were able to not only save on energy costs but also speeding up processing time and add environmentally friendly products, and also participate in green advanced cleaning products and detergents.

We can remove 99.9% of stains from your dress, including food and drink stains, oil, blood, wine, dirt, grass, ink, and other stains.

Our Luxury package is the only one that provides up to one hour of alteration service. If you purchase one of the other two packages and your dress needs sewing, please remember this on the upgrade form that comes with your kit or contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Purse, money bag,ring pillow, garter, duster, veil, train, hat, jacket, shawl, handkerchief,socks, bibs, and booties.

Your dress is protected from yellowing with our exclusive Lifetime warranty. We will diligently clean and preserve it for you at no additional cost.

To protect your dress, we enforce strict instructions for the delivery driver.

You’ll be able to see your dress and veil. Any other accessories will be underneath your gown.

All of our process is 100% Eco friendly. We created a new organic earth friendly cleaning formula called coconut water cleaning formula designed to destroy tough stains on your dress.

We will ship your preservation package, which includes the shipping box to send in your dress, a prepaid shipping label , and other shipping instructions, after you place your order with us.

Wedding dress shipping box, a wedding dress plastic bag, order form for cleaning and preserving your dress and any additional accessories, prepaid shipping label, stain stickers, packing tape, lifetime warranty card, complete instruction form.

Yes, simply write the address where you want your cleaned dress on the form, and we'll gladly send your cleaned dress to the address given.