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About Laxa Cleaners - Bride N Queen

Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress Restoration & Preservation Service

Have a vintage wedding dress that needs a little care? Have a yellowed, stained, or smelly wedding gown that could use a refresh before being preserved? Just send it to us and we will transform your wedding gown into a beautiful family heirloom that you’ll cherish for decades to come.

Every bride wants to look absolutely perfect for their wedding, and looking your best starts with the dress. This means no perspiration stains, no makeup or food stains, no faulty zippers, no loose threads, and no torn lace – things that often happen as a result of rough handling of the dress before the wedding or trying the dress on a few too many times. Or maybe you found the dress of your dreams in a pile of vintage wedding dresses and it has a few rips or tears. Or you've chosen your grandmother's dress originally worn 60 years ago and it needs a little extra love.

At Bride N Queen, we treat your wedding dress with the level of care it deserves so you can be sure to look picture-perfect on your special day. While you’re busy with the last-minute wedding preparations, we will make sure that your elegant gown is hand-cleaned and pressed just in time for your wedding day.

Not only do we offer wedding dress restoration service, but we will also take care of your gown after the wedding. Our gown preservation team will carefully clean and preserve your wedding gown so you can keep it in your family for future generations or donate it to someone in need.

Our Advanced Wedding Dress Restoration Process

When it comes to handling a wedding gown, you have to be very gentle and careful because the fabric and the adornments can be extremely delicate. Our team understands this and treats each dress like one of their own family heirlooms. Here’s the restoring wedding dress and preserving wedding gown process at Bride N Queen:

Step 1: Order Your Kit Online

Our secure online checkout process allows you to order your wedding gown preservation kit within minutes through our website.  

Step 2: Send In Your Wedding Dress

Once we have received your order, we will ship the wedding gown preservation kit that you need to send us your wedding gown safely. This kit will include a crush-proof shipping box, pre-paid shipping labels, and shipping insurance with a declared value of up to $1,000. We will notify you via email when we receive your gown.

Step 3: We Begin The Cleaning & Restoration Process

The first thing we do before cleaning your wedding dress is carefully examine it. Our fabric specialists will go over every inch of the dress to identify the different  types of fabrics, lace, beading, buttons, and other embellishments so a customized treatment plan can be created.  Every fabric type and adornment will be handled the right way.

We have developed a 15-step cleaning process that ensures your wedding dress is as perfect as your wedding day. It starts with the dress going through a dry cleaning to remove any mold, mildew, and surface stains; think of this step as using the makeup remover on your face, before the actual cleansing. It’s the next several steps where the true magic happens.

After the dress has been dry-cleaned, it will continue through a wet-cleaning process to breathe life back into it. At Bride N Queen, we have created an exclusive cleaning formula using 100% pure coconut water that has been proven to remove the most stubborn stains and odors. Tea, coffee, fruit juice, red wine, ketchup, curry, dirt, clay, grease, ink, blood, lipstick – we can remove stains of any type. 

Your wedding gown will undergo a thorough museum-quality cleaning using a delicate fabrics cleaning technology that we’ve spent years developing. The innovative coconut water will also protect your dress from future yellowing.

Step 4: Receive Your Dress in an Acid-Free Package

Finally, we will ship your treasured wedding gown back to you safely and securely with a lifetime certificate of warranty against future yellowing and staining.

Meet Our Team

Mina Mansour CTO profile image

Mina Mansour – CTO

Want to know why we offer a lifetime anti-yellowing warranty on every wedding dress? It’s because of this gentleman right here! A chemical engineer by trade and an environmentalist at heart, Mina knew that it was possible to create a cleaning formula for fine fabrics that is eco-friendly and uses no harsh chemicals, like the cancer-causing PERC found at ordinary dry cleaners. Well, he did it and the rest is history.



Nermy John – VP of Operations

Nermy John is our very own Elle Woods in that she loves everything law and beautiful fabrics! While she is studying to be an attorney, Nermy has long been interested in restoring antique gowns and other garments in way that’s effective yet 100% safe for the environment. She played a pivotal role in ensuring that we are giving our clients a complete green, non-toxic alternative to traditional dry-cleaning services, from the packaging material to the cleaning chemicals.

Why Choose Bride N Queen for Your Wedding Dress Restoration?

If you want the best results and best treatment for your delicate fabrics, choose a team that’s as emotionally invested in restoring your wedding dress as you are – be it a vintage dress or brand-new. 


All our wedding dress restoration packages are the lowest price available on the market.

30-Day Return & Refund Policy

Don’t want to send us your dress after placing an order? No problem, just let us know within 30 days of ordering, and we will refund the full amount, no questions asked.

$1,000 Shipping Insurance

All wedding dresses that we ship are covered for up to $1,000 declared value shipping insurance at no cost to you.

Lifetime Warranty

We proudly stand by our service and offer a lifetime anti-yellowing guarantee with all packages.  

Acid-Free Packaging

The tissue paper and preservation box used to pack up your dress are pH-neutral and non-toxic both to your dress and your skin. 

Ready To Place Your Order?

If you have any questions about our services, or are not sure which package would be best for your wedding gown, don’t hesitate to call us at (317) 209-9951 or fill out this form to get in touch with us.