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Choosing Non-Traditional Wedding Attire

Bride N Queen Team | 15 November, 2022

            Choosing Non-Traditional Wedding Attire

Weddings often involve spending significant time choosing the perfect venue, date, and decorations. If there's another wedding aspect that couples tend to prioritize, it's their choice of wedding attire.

Couples must have attention to detail to make their wedding day unforgettable! Wedding gowns and suits have come a long way since the early days of matrimony. While the white dress is still a popular choice for many brides, an increasing number of couples are choosing non-traditional attire for their special day.

Some may say that weddings are too formal for colored dresses or anything else out of the ordinary, but we say there are no rules when it comes to love!

What do we mean by "Non-Traditional Wedding Attire?"

A traditional wedding outfit is usually a white dress for the bride and a black suit for the groom. So, when we say "non-traditional wedding attire," we mean clothing that falls outside this conventional dress code.

Non-traditional wedding attire could mean a colored wedding dress or suit or a more casual outfit altogether. It depends on the couple's preferences and styles! Many couples also choose a non-traditional theme for their wedding, which helps them decide on the overall aesthetic.

Choosing a modern wedding outfit doesn't mean there's something wrong with traditional wedding clothes. Non-traditional wedding outfits also don't mean that romance is dead! It's simply a matter of personal preferences.

If you're a bride who loves a plunging neckline, there's no reason your wedding dress has to be demure. And if you're a groom who loves color, there's no shame in being super romantic in a red suit on your wedding day!

For the Bride!

People often say brides should look sweet, elegant, and demure on their wedding days. Some dream of looking like princesses in ball gowns with long trains, but don't pressure yourself if you're not into that. You can be chic or sexy or both in wedding dresses for a modern bride. Here are some ideas for wedding attire:

Colored Wedding Dresses

The color white symbolizes purity and innocence. It's undeniably beautiful, but white isn't the only color you can wear on your wedding day. If you want something different, why not go for a colored dress? You can choose any color, from soft pastels to bold jewel tones.

Clothes for Themed Weddings

If you're having a garden or backyard wedding, you might want to ditch the ball gown in favor of something more informal. The perfect backyard wedding dress is something that has less glam and feels more relaxed. It's usually shorter and has lighter fabrics like cotton or linen. It can be a flowy maxi dress or a boho dress.

Beach Wear

Beach weddings are fun, cute, and intimate. They also give vacation vibes, so skip the formalwear for a casual wedding dress. Brides can march down the aisle in a flowy two-piece beach dress and say goodbye to heels!

Female-Fitted Suits

A suit is a great alternative for brides who aren't fans of long or short dresses. You can wear a classic black tuxedo or a white jumpsuit with a flattering fit. If you want something bolder, go for brightly-colored jumpsuits or one with prints!

For the Groom

Nothing beats a well-dressed groom. The traditional black tuxedo and tie will always look romantic, but if you want to stray away from the norm, there are amazing options for you, too. Here is some wedding clothes inspiration for modern grooms:

Non-Traditional Suit

While black is the go-to color for most grooms, it's not your only option. You can choose a suit in any color, from classic blue and navy to bright pink. If you want something more unique, go for a patterned or printed suit.


If you're having a laid-back wedding, you might want to skip the suit and choose something more casual. There are many great options for casual wedding attire, from jeans and a button-down shirt to khakis and a polo shirt.

Beach Wear

Like brides, grooms can also sport beach wedding attire. This usually consists of shorts, a polo shirt, and sandals (or going barefoot!). You can also choose a linen suit to look more put-together.

Clothes for Themed Weddings

Your wedding theme can help you decide which outfit to wear. For example, if you're having a Halloween-themed wedding, you and your partner can dress up as zombies or vampires. Or, if you're having a Star Wars-themed wedding, you can put on Jedi robes!


Scotland is known for its kilts, and if you're of Scottish descent, you might want to use one on your wedding day. Kilts are available in many tartans, so you can choose one that represents you best.

Are Non-Traditional Wedding Outfits Easier to Clean?

Aside from allowing you to express your style and personality, non-traditional wedding attire is usually easier to clean and care for than traditional gowns. This is because they're usually made from lighter fabrics and have simpler designs. Choosing a dress made from natural fibers like cotton or linen will be easier to care for than a synthetic one.

If you're planning to use your dress again or preserve it as a keepsake, you'll want to ensure that it's easy to care for. Your wedding only happens once in a lifetime, so choose an outfit you'll be happy with years from now. Your wedding clothes can remind you of your beautiful memories, so take care of them as you take care of your marriage.

Contact the Professionals!

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