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City Weddings: How to Get the Smog out of Your Dress

Bride N Queen Team | 15 August, 2022

            City Weddings: How to Get the Smog out of Your Dress

Are you a soon-to-be bride getting married in a big city? Are you considering a courthouse wedding or even a city hall wedding?

Well, if so ... congratulations!But have you considered what happens to your dress when the outside smog, dust, and general city debris will catch hold of your beautiful gown? Here we will discuss the top city wedding dresses of 2022 and point you in the right direction for cleaning your dress after the big day!

A city wedding dress is a perfect opportunity to wear a chic yet casual mini dress or a typical courthouse-styled traditional wedding dress. Another firm favorite among city wedding brides is a slimline jumpsuit trimmed perfectly around the neck with lace. All three of these styles are expected to continue to be featured on aisles across the globe.

City wedding dresses are a prime example of wedding gowns that are known to look glamorous. Many brides hold onto their wedding gown for years after the wedding to reminisce the special day.

While the city is an excellent place to celebrate your most awaited moment with your significant other, there’s one problem: the smog in the city is so bad that it might stain or discolor your city wedding dress. Getting smog stains on your beautiful white dress would be a nightmare, but you shouldn't let that spoil your wedding day!

Let yourself enjoy your wedding without worrying about your traditional courthouse wedding dress — there are ways to clean traditional-styled city hall wedding dresses and keep them in pristine condition. Before we get into the tips for removing stains from your courthouse wedding dress, let’s first discuss the best city wedding dresses for your big day.

What are the Best Style Wedding Dresses for City Weddings?

When choosing a courthouse wedding dress or a city hall wedding dress, there are no rules about what style you should select. Finding your perfect courthouse wedding dress (or other bridal attire!) isn't as difficult as you may think. Some brides opt for a classic vintage-inspired gown with plenty of lace or a gorgeous bridal jumpsuit for a non-conventional look. At the same time, other brides choose to tie the knot in a more traditional-styled wedding dress.

Whether you want a fancy, chic, or casual wedding dress, the only necessary thing is that your bridal style suits your personality, style, and taste. Most importantly, the dress you wear should make you sparkle on your special day.

With an array of options, where do you begin looking for 'the one?

Sequin Dress

If you're after timeless glamor for your wedding, sequins make for a perfect city wedding dress. Many brides opt for a little sparkle to glisten up their day. Enjoy the glitz of a wedding dress splashed with sequins, designed to catch the light in any room. This modern twist on a wedding dress is catching the vibe of 2022.

White Dress

From courthouse nuptials to city hall elopements and backyard marriage ceremonies, there's nothing quite like a white wedding dress to make a bride feel like a princess! The traditional white gown look dates back to 1840, a western tradition that began with Queen Victoria of Great Britain. The timeless look has been adapted to fit the tastes and preferences of different brides across centuries, leaving an array of designs and fittings to choose from. The most favored include the 'princess' dress, also known as the Ball Gown. There is also the 'mermaid' fit, A-Line, V Neck, Empire, and the list goes on... Whether a floor-length gown or a more casual floaty maxi dress, all white dresses are elegant, versatile, and timelessly glamorous.

Slip Dress

Slip dresses are designed with lightweight fabrics and are easy to move in, which makes them an excellent choice for a city wedding. Moreover, they're sexy, elegant, and classy, but they also have a certain casualness that makes them perfect for a city wedding. Simplicity is key with a slip dress. If you're a minimalistic bride - this is the perfect dress for you!

Midi Dress

Stunningly simple yet beautifully elegant, the midi dress is ideal for those who want to make a statement on their special day without the fuss of a long lace skirt. Midi dresses can elongate and accentuate a figure, making you appear taller and "slimmer." A midi dress also shows off the lower body by focusing on the ankles and feet, making a bride's chosen footwear stand out.

Traditional Gown

Many people assume that traditional dresses are out of style and old-fashioned, or that they don't make for suitable city hall wedding dresses. However, this is a big misunderstanding. When it comes to wedding dresses, the more traditional the style, the more creative and unique they can look on your big day. Plus, they scream"bridal." If you prefer modest, vintage, and elegant looks, traditional wedding gowns — perhaps with some lace at the neck — are always an excellent choice.

Lace Trim Dress

A classic lace style or the simple fit and flare design are ideal for those after elegance and tradition for their big day outfit. Exquisite, bold, and sensual lace trim dresses are perfect for city weddings, as they add a touch of elegance to any look. This style has long been a staple of wedding fashion, especially for courthouse wedding dresses, and it's no wonder why: lace is classic, elegant, fun, and feminine. The lace can be layered and light, giving your dress a tucked-in effect. It works for any season and is especially beautiful when the weather is warm enough to show off your shoulders and arms. Lace can be worn with or without a layer on top and will always make you look exquisite on your special day!

Vintage-Inspired Dress

With all the hustle and bustle of city life, it's crucial to have something that makes you feel like your best self; a vintage-inspired wedding dress can do just that! If it's all about classic elegance for you and your partner, consider a simple sheath dress with a subtle tulle or lace skirt from a bygone era. This season, the off-the-shoulder wedding dresses make a come-back for a timeless, sophisticated look. If you want to go all out on the vintage-inspired wedding dress, try a beautiful flared dress with an asymmetrical hemline for a bit of vintage elegance.

Fitted Bodice

For soon-to-be city hall brides who want to look and feel their best on their wedding day, a fitted bodice dress is one of the best styles. Like a bodycon dress, this style has a waistline that is fitted in all directions and hugs your body in all the right places. When the skirt poofs out, it will give you an hourglass shape. This bridal design helps you appear more slender while allowing you to move freely and easily. It also creates a beautiful, elegant appearance and a more shapely look. 

Sheath Dress

What better way to make a visual impact on your wedding day than to add some extra flair? A sheath wedding dress is the ultimate in minimalist bridal fashion. This sophisticated and simplistic design drapes elegantly across the body and lends a graceful touch to any wedding ceremony. The form-fitting bodice enhances the beauty of your curves while simultaneously showing off your taste with a beautiful, classic design. If you'd like to add a bit more detail, you can add just a touch of lace to soften the edges.

Long Sleeve Dress

If a winter wedding is calling your name, you probably want to stick with long sleeves! Long sleeves are a practical bridal style because they can keep you warm and comfortable on a chilly day while being chic, stylish, and elegant. Long sleeves are also very flattering on any body type and can be paired with almost any kind of jewelry or accessory. There are many styles to choose from when you shop for a long sleeve dress, including a minimalistic look, bohemian, Victorian-inspired, midi dress, or maxi dress styles. Long sleeve wedding dresses are in, and they're here to stay!

What Will Your Wedding Gown Endure During Your City Wedding?

Every bride hopes her courthouse wedding outfit will look perfect on her wedding day. However, no matter how hard you try, you can't prevent every stain or snag from happening. If you're getting married in the city, though, the chances of your dress getting damaged are higher than if you were married in a more rural area. Here's what you can expect when it comes to potential damage to your dress:


In the city, dust pollution is more significant than in the country or suburbs. Dust can easily penetrate the gown’s fabric, and the dress can easily absorb these particles, damaging it over time. 


Smog is a severe problem in the city due to the high volume of cars on the roads. When a bride leaves their wedding venue, the courthouse wedding dress is at risk of damage. Heavy smog on your day could ruin your dress; this pollutant can cause discoloration and damage your wedding dress.

Hand Prints

With so many people around in the city, you might encounter people — guests orstrangers — who can't resist touching your amazing dress to see how the fabric feels. People with poor impulse control (especially children) are likelier to do this. As a result, you'll risk getting hand prints on your valuable dress. These are very difficult to remove, especially if you opt for traditional white fabric.

Food Stains

Every bride deserves a wedding gown in which they feel confident, gorgeous, and sexy. While no bride would consider their dress enduring stains during their wedding, it is a common accident among brides who accidentally spill food or drink down their beautiful gown. Some are unfortunate to have guests spill food, drink, or other substances down their dress. Food stains aren’t only an eyesore but could also damage your dress and leave lasting stains if you don't treat them immediately. To avoid this, we recommend having a backup outfit to wear to your reception, so you can ensure that your wedding dress doesn't endure further damage.

City Smells

When you get married in a city, the smoke from cars or food being cooked for your reception can stick to your dress and linger on your gown for years after the special day. Smoke particles can embed themselves within the fabric's fibers and cause discoloration or damage to the material itself. This can lead to a change in color and affect the dress's appearance, longevity, and scent.

How to Clean: Contact a Professional!

A wedding day is one of the most auspicious occasions in a person's lifetime. That’s why it is essential to consider how you will professionally clean your wedding gown and maintain its condition following the big day.

The best and safest method for cleaning your dress is to hire an expert wedding dress cleaner like Bride N Queen to handle the job. City and courthouse wedding dresses are intricately designed and highly delicate, so they can't be cleaned like any other garment you own. A wedding dress certainly can't be washed in a laundry machine; instead, they need to be cleaned carefully by hand. Working with an experienced and reputable company guarantees that your wedding dress will be cleaned properly without damaging the delicate lace, silk, or embroidery.

A professional cleaner can access modern stain removal methods that amateurs can't safely and effectively perform. They know how to use chemicals in ways that aren't harmful to your dress. They also know how to treat the fabrics in your dress so they won't lose their color or fade. Contact a professional wedding dress cleaner and seek professional cleaning and preservation to ensure your dress stays spotless and lasts a lifetime!

Contact Bride N Queen

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At Bride N Queen, each bridal dress undergoes a meticulous process to protect your wedding memories. We use state-of-the-art technology to remove stains and restore your gown to its original glory. We stand by the quality of our workmanship and guarantee that it will exceed your expectations.

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