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Get Dress Steamed Near Me - Nationwide Steam Clean!

Bride N Queen Team | 15 February, 2023

            Get Dress Steamed Near Me

As a bride-to-be, you must have dreamed about your wedding day your whole life. From the attire you’ll wear to walking down the aisle, brides want everything to be perfect! 

While prepping up things such as making the venue beautiful and ensuring all guests receive the invites, most brides forget to look after their wedding dresses, and therefore, creases and wrinkles appear on them.

Creases and wrinkles are those uninvited guests that you don’t want to attend your wedding, but they’ll still be there on your wedding gown. 

One effective method of getting rid of these uninvited guests is steaming your wedding gown, but there’s a risk of damaging the dress if you take things in your hand!

This article will tell you everything about why steaming your wedding gown is important and whom to trust for steaming your beautiful attire. 

Get Dress Steamed Near Me

Why is it a Smart Move to Get Your Formal Gown Steamed? 

It’s normal for a wedding gown to get wrinkled during transportation, but that doesn’t mean your dress should be that way! Streaming your gown isn’t less than giving your wedding dress a new life. Proper steaming ensures the fabric looks wrinkle-free and helps exterminate the odor, making the dress feel and smell fresh. 

Here are some reasons you should consider steaming your wedding gown before the big day:

It Helps Remove Wrinkles and Creases 

Steaming effectively removes wrinkles and creases from your gown, resulting in a smooth and polished appearance. This is especially important for gowns made from delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon, which are prone to wrinkling.

Restores the Shape and Texture 

Over time, the fabric can lose its shape, particularly if it has been packed away or transported in a manner that has caused it to be squished or crushed. Steaming helps to restore the natural shape and drape of the fabric, ensuring that your gown will fit and flatter your body.

Removes Odors and Smells 

Steaming can help to remove any odors or residue that may have accumulated on the fabric, leaving your gown smelling fresh and clean. This is especially important if your gown has been in storage for an extended period.

Protection of Embellishments

Many dresses like religious wedding dresses are embellished with delicate beading, lace, or embroidery. Steaming can help to protect these embellishments by preventing them from being crushed or damaged.

It's essential to understand that different fabrics require different steaming techniques, and care must be taken to avoid damaging the delicate fabric or embellishments. 

For this reason, we highly recommend seeking the assistance of a professional steamer like  Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen, that is experienced in working with wedding gowns. This will ensure that your gown is treated with the utmost care and attention, resulting in a stunning and pristine appearance for your big day. 

What Does Steaming a Dress Include?

Get Dress Steamed Near Me

A wedding dress has several components, and steaming addresses them all. From the skirt to the sleeves, everything is included in steaming, so you can ensure your beautiful wedding gown will look flawless at the wedding and even after that.

Experts like Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen pay attention to the following components of a dress when steaming it:


The bodice, or the upper part of the dress, is typically one of the most prone to wrinkling. The steamer takes care to remove any wrinkles from this area, ensuring that it looks smooth and wrinkle-free. 


The skirt is another area that requires careful attention during steaming. Our steamer ensures that any wrinkles or creases are removed, restoring the natural shape and drape of the fabric.


Sleeves are also prone to wrinkling, especially if the dress has been packed or stored for an extended period of time. The steamer takes care to remove any wrinkles from the sleeves, ensuring that they look smooth and polished.


Any embellishments, such as beading, or embroidery, are also given special attention during steaming. Our experts take care to protect these delicate areas, ensuring that they are not damaged during the steaming process.


The fabric itself is carefully steamed, ensuring that any wrinkles or creases are removed and that the fabric is restored to its natural shape and texture.

What is the Dress Steaming Process?

Steaming a dress is an art, and only an artist can understand what is required to steam a wedding gown. The process is steaming may sound straightforward, but it involves a series of steps you must follow with care since you’ll be experimenting with your precious wedding dress. 

Here are the steps for steaming a formal wedding gown:


Before steaming, remove the dress carefully from its packaging and inspect for any damages or imperfections. Any loose threads or beading must be secured, and any areas that are particularly delicate or prone to damage should be identified and marked.


Hang the dress on a steaming rack or hanger that provides proper support and allows for easy access to all areas of the dress. This is essential for ensuring that the dress retains its shape and does not become misshapen during steaming.


Use a professional-grade steamer and apply gentle heat and moisture to the fabric. Move the steamer slowly and methodically, paying close attention to areas that are prone to wrinkling, such as the bodice, skirt, and sleeves. 

Make sure the heat and moisture from the steamer help to relax the fibers of the fabric, removing wrinkles and restoring the natural shape and texture of the fabric.

Attention to Detail 

It takes great care to ensure that all wrinkles are removed and that the fabric is restored to its natural shape and texture, so pay close attention to all wrinkles and creases. This may involve steaming specific areas multiple times or using specialized tools and techniques to remove stubborn wrinkles.


After steaming, the inspect the dress thoroughly to ensure that all wrinkles have been removed and that the fabric has been restored to its natural shape and texture. Your dress might need you to perform additional touch-ups, such as pressing with cool iron, to ensure a polished and pristine appearance.


Finally, repack the dress carefully, taking care to protect any embellishments or delicate areas.

Does the overall process of steaming your wedding gown sound taxing and complicated? It's better to leave it to professional steamers at Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen. We are the dress experts that can steam any type of wedding dress making it even more stunning.

Choose from our  exclusive dress cleaning and steaming packages, and get your wedding dress steamed by the experts!

What Can You Use to Steam Your Wedding Gown?

Planning to steam your wedding dress and wondering what it needs? There are many tools you can use to steam a wedding dress, including:

Steam Irons

Almost every house has a steaming iron, and it might seem like the iron can make your wrinkled dress crease-free. But there are some risks of using a steaming iron on a wedding dress, such as the iron can leave marks and other stains on the gown, especially on silk and other delicate fabrics. 

Ironing incorrectly will only make things worse and can create more creases on the dress than before. 

Hot Shower Steam and Handheld Steamer

While shower steam might sound like the right tool for removing wrinkles and creases from a dress, it can actually expose your wedding gown to water and can lead to water staining. 

When you trust professionals to steam your dress, the specialists ensure no water touches the fabric while it’s steamed under high-pressure to avoid possible wrinkling and staining. 

Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen steams every layer of your dress so that it has exemplary symmetry in the design when you wear it on your wedding day. 

Should You Steam Your Wedding Dress?

Modern steamers have made it easier to steam a dress at home, is it a good idea to steam your valuable wedding gown at home? Most brides think that steaming their wedding gown just requires a steamer, but that’s not the only thing.

A dress, especially a wedding gown, comprises of several elements, some are delicate, like embellishments, and can easily get damaged if exposed to heat for a prolonged time. 

Here are some reasons why it’s better to leave the steaming job to the professionals:

Risk of Fabric Damage

Steam can cause damage to delicate fabrics, such as silk and lace, by causing discoloration, shrinkage, or fabric weakening. If the fabric is not of high quality, it is more likely to be damaged during steaming.

The risk of damage is even higher when you have an heirloom wedding dress passed on to you from older generations. Since each fabric has its own characteristics, it’s important to understand how the fabric will react when exposed to heat.

Below we’ve mentioned some common formal gown fabrics and their steaming requirements:


Silk is a delicate and luxurious fabric that requires gentle steaming. The heat from the steamer should be kept at a low to medium level to avoid damaging the fabric.


Satin is smooth and shiny and is prone to wrinkling. Steaming at the lowest setting is an effective way to remove wrinkles and restore their smooth appearance.


Chiffon is a lightweight and fragile so make sure to gently steam it to remove any creases and restore the fabric's natural flow. Also, no water should touch the fabric when steaming it.


Lastly, lace is an intricate fabric with delicate pattern, so you might need to steam it multiple times to get rid of minor wrinkles and creases. Do a patch test to determine the level of heat required to steam the entire dress.

Steaming Might Damage the Embellishments 

Embellishments, such as beading, lace, or embroidery, can be easily damaged by steam. The heat and moisture can cause the embellishments to become discolored, loose, or even fall off.

High Chance of Color Bleeding 

If the dress is not properly cleaned and prepped before steaming, there is a risk of color bleeding, which can result in unsightly stains on the fabric.

For every bride, their wedding gown is one of the most important things in their life that they may pass on to the next generations, so it’s essential to keep the outfit in good shape. And when it comes to maintaining the shape and texture of the dress, proper steaming is indispensable. 

At Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen, we are the gown specialists you can trust for steaming your formal wedding gown. Our professional steamers follow an approach to ensure the fabric and other embellishments of your dress remain intact while it looks fresh and wrinkle-free. 

We understand that your wedding is a busy affair, so we offer dress delivery services to ensure you get your dress on time and in perfect shape. Choose from our range of  dress cleaning and steaming packages, and leave everything to us.

Do Professional Dress Steamers Really Make a Difference?

Apart from professional-grade dress steamers, specialists also have the know-how it requires to steam a delicate wedding gown without damaging it. Here’s the difference explained in detail why you should trust professional dress cleaners and steamers.

  • They Choose the Right Steamer According to the Dress 

The choice of steamer depends on the type and age of the fabric. For example, a steaming iron might work well on silk, but it may fail at chiffon. Steaming specialists choose the steamer based on the material for superior output. Some professionals even do a patch test to determine what steamer to use for the dress.

  • They Know What to Steam and What to Iron 

Not everything in a wedding gown can be steamed, some elements, such as the sleeves, may need ironing to remove the wrinkles and creases. Wedding dress steaming specialists know what to steam and what to iron so your dress looks perfect the way you want it to be.

  • They Pack Your Dress Properly 

Transportation is the main culprit behind the creases and wrinkles on your dress. Even if you get your wedding gown steamed from the best dry cleaners in your area, if it’s not packed properly, wrinkles will appear again.

Specialists know how to pack the dress properly to avoid wrinkles, creases, and stains. Thus, you don’t need to get your dress steamed several times, which ultimately saves you time and money.

  • They Get Your Dress Delivered to the Address You Want 

Visiting your local dry cleaner to drop off and collect your dress after it’s steamed might sound like the easiest thing until you pay attention to other requirements of your wedding day. Specialists like Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen deliver the dress to your preferred address, so you don’t have to worry about collecting it. 

  • They Can Clean and Preserve Your Dress 

Services offered by a professional cleaner aren’t just limited to making your wedding gown wrinkle-free, they can also preserve your dress to help maintain its shape and texture for years. 

Looking for the Best Dress Steamers Near You? Contact Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen 

At Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen, we use environment-friendly cleaning methods and our advanced preservation formula for cleaning and preserving your and bridesmaid dress. From removing the stains and wrinkles to packing the dress and shipping it, we take care of everything so that you don’t have to!

Contact us for more information on dress steaming and preservation services, and let us bring the best out of your wedding dress.