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Planning a Magical Winter Wonderland Wedding

Bride N Queen Team | 06 December, 2022

            Planning a Magical Winter Wonderland Wedding

December is just around the corner, and you know what that means — it’s time to plan the most magical winter wonderland wedding a bride could ever hope for!

A snowy, white backdrop, a flickering fireplace, merry mistletoe, and a glimmering centerpiece. A wedding that every girl dreams of when she thinks of an elegant, charming, and spectacular winter wedding. Let’s get started on some of the best winter wonderland wedding ideas. 

Winter Bride

Of course, the main event of every winter wedding is the bride. A bride and her wedding gown are the vocal points of every wedding! Here are some winter wonderland wedding-style ideas that can help you get started on planning your overall look.


Velvet is a sophisticated and gorgeous touch to any bridal look. Depending on your color palette for the wedding, make sure that you choose a velvet color that perfectly complements your existing scheme. 


Adding a cape to your bridal look will help achieve an enchanting winter wedding. A cape can add a unique, magical, and show-stopping bridal look for your guests.

While a cape is a quirky accessory, it’s perfect to complete your winter wedding look.

Gold and Silver Metallics

Metallics are a winter wedding staple that works just as well in and out of the holiday season. They glow and glimmer the most when surrounded by whites. 

When you adorn yourself with these metallics, make sure not to limit it to just jewelry. You can incorporate it into other aspects of your look, like your handbag, high heels, nails, makeup, and hairpieces. This will add a gorgeous touch to your final ensemble.

Crystal Details

Besides gold and silver, you can even add bejeweled details for more sparkle. Crystal embellishments can make your winter wedding all the more elegant. 

The Wedding Dress

A winter wedding look is never complete without a wedding dress. It’s the quintessential element of the whole ensemble. You must find the dress that suits you and your theme perfectly. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some trendy styles in 2022 that you need to know when shopping for a wedding dress of your own. 

Square Necklines

When picking a wedding dress, many brides overlook the power of necklines, but they can make a big difference. A square neckline can give you a more feminine and romantic look. It highlights your collarbone and your neck. A square neckline goes perfectly well with a sleeveless, strapless, or long-sleeve dress and is perfect for women of various body shapes.

Voluminous Ruffles

Another stylish wedding dress trend is voluminous ruffles. Nothing screams weddings like it, and it’s the perfect accent for fall and winter weddings. From puffy skirts to tiered tulle and ruffled hemlines, this eye-catching style is a must-have for brides who want to feel like they’re the belle of the ball. 


If you’re looking for something more classic and timeless with a hint of modernity, you can try incorporating giant bows into your dresses. These delicate ornaments add a sweet detail and a romantic aspect to your ensemble. 

Traditionally, these elements are placed in the dress’ waistline to accentuate the bride’s curves, but you can play around with the design and find an alternative spot that compliments you.

Deep Color Palette

Although white is the go-to color for a wedding dress and theme during the winter season, adding more color to your winter wedding will give guests a unique memory of your big day.

One way to contrast all the bright whites is by following a deeper color palette composed of golds, plums, evergreens, burgundies, and sapphires. These rich colors can add depth and dimension to your wedding.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Now that your dress is covered, it’s time to plan what your bridesmaids will wear. As much as you want a picture-perfect look, it would be best to consider the cold temperatures during your ceremony. Warmth and comfort should be your top priority when finding the best designs for your bridesmaids. 

Here are some fashionable ideas you can try.

Long Sleeve Dress With a High Neckline

You can’t go wrong with a classic long-sleeve dress for your bridesmaids this winter. Pair that with a high neckline and a cozy yet stylish ensemble. 

Deep V-neck Velvet Dress

If you want your bridesmaids to have a more feminine touch, you can opt for a style with a deep v-neck. Choosing a dress made with velvet material adds a warm texture to your wedding day and ensures your bridesmaids are kept warm.

Bridesmaid Dresses, Wedding Accessories

There’s no doubt that these bridesmaid dresses are captivating enough, but if you want to take it one step further, you can use some accessories to elevate their look. Some statement pieces that work well, especially in winter, include the following:

  • A faux fur stole

  • An evening wrap or shawl

  • Stylish mittens or gloves

These pieces are practical and stylish at the same time. They can keep your bridesmaids warm throughout the celebration. 

Winter Wedding Shoes

Moving on to the next item on your list, let’s talk about shoes. When you think of wedding shoes, you may think about slingback stilettos or open-toe heels. As dainty as they look during summer, they might not work for winter. Fear not! We have listed many options to complete your winter wedding look!

Close-Toe Shoes

Close-toe shoes like timeless pumps and Mary Janes with heels are perfect for your big day. They make you look glamorous yet feel comfortable throughout the day (or night). Their sleek, minimalist look is versatile enough to match any style. 

You can get a glitzy pair made with leather or satin to bring your high-heel game to the next level and exude a more elegant appearance. You’ll no doubt make a statement in these shoes, whether walking down the aisle or dancing on the dance floor. 

Delicate Flats

If you’re the bride who values comfort over everything else, perhaps a better option for you is a pair of delicate ballet flats. They are often made with the best materials — from suede and leather to velvet — to give you the utmost comfort and support. Luxurious bridal flats are designed with intricate details, sparkles, and snowflakes to make you shine.

Wedding Booties

You might be surprised to know that among the options mentioned here, booties are a fantastic choice of shoe to wear during your holiday wedding. They can keep your feet snug and warm getting to and from your venue. They also add an alluring texture and trendy fashion statement.

The Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the most crucial factors in achieving the winter wonderland wedding. There are countless spaces where you can hold your special event, and all you need to do to narrow down your options is to figure out what elements you want for your wedding.

If you’re going for a more organic and rustic charm, find a venue with dark wood floors, white tree branches, string lights, and festive details. A rustic barn will add to a Christmas rustic theme. If you want something more contemporary, find a space with crystal chandeliers, tall windows, and blooming white flowers.

Matching your dress with your favorite local wedding venues will help you find the perfect venue!

What Else do You Need to Plan for a Winter Wonderland Wedding?

If you plan to hold your wedding reception in a rather snowy area, be prepared to keep your guests warm and snug. If possible, provide heaters in different rooms, offer hot welcome drinks upon arrival, and set up a boot and coat section for your guests. While you should embrace the season, make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

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