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Wedding Dress for Maternity: Clean with Care

Bride N Queen Team | 27 December, 2022

            Wedding Dress for Maternity: Clean with Care

As a pregnant bride-to-be, you are a radiant embodiment of beauty and elegance. It's only fitting that your wedding dress would reflect this as well! You want a dress that will flatter your growing baby bump while remaining chic and sophisticated enough to wear on your wedding day. 

But finding the perfect maternity dress is half the battle. You also want to ensure that your dress is well-cared for and preserved for future generations. The right kind of care can keep your gown in pristine condition for years to come. And if you're not careful, you could ruin your dress with too much handling or storage.

​At Laxa Cleaners Bridal N Queen, we understand how important these bridal gowns are to your family history. Whether you have an ivory silk ballgown or an elegant sheath made from satin, our top-of-the-line wedding dress cleaning and preservation services will help ensure that your gown remains a part of your personal legacy.

Contact us today if you've been searching for a way to clean and preserve your wedding dress. Check out our packages to see which one works best for you! 

What Wedding Dresses Are Best For Maternity?

When you're expecting, your body goes through a rapid and significant change —and it's no wonder why many women worry about looking good in their dresses after giving birth! Pregnant brides often don't know what dress to choose until they're pregnant. After all, some styles look better on a full figure than others, but there aren't any rules to follow.

If you're planning to get married soon, you might still have time to find the perfect dress that will appeal to both your belly and your postpartum shape. 

But before you go rushing off to buy something just because "it's supposed" to work, it all comes down to whether you prefer a flowy style or a fitted, structured gown.

Flowy Styles Wedding Gown

A flowy style is perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed vibe but still want to feel comfortable all day. These dresses tend to hug the stomach area, making them ideal for mothers-to-be. They are also great for concealing extra weight gained during pregnancy.

These dresses typically feature lightweight fabrics, flowing silhouettes, long sleeves, and a slit at the bottom or back. While the lines of such dresses are relaxed, plenty of styles offer a bit more structure around the hips.

Some examples include empire lines, maxi dresses, tea-length dresses, and ballgown dresses designed to keep you covered throughout the day.

Fitted Wedding Gown

If you like to show off your bump at your wedding, a fitted gown might make sense for you. A fitted style is typically tighter around the bodice but can vary in size depending on the model. Some styles are tight-fitting enough to give the appearance of a second skin, while others include slits and embellishments for a more revealing effect.

With a fitted style, you'll be able to show off your baby bump without worrying about squeezing into anything uncomfortable. But you'll need to consider your comfort level since these dresses can sometimes have a very restricted waistband that could cause discomfort if worn too long.

Styles like mermaid, halterneck, drop waist, strapless, and sweetheart dress are perfect for a fitted style. Many of these styles can accentuate your bump and create an overall stunning look.

It doesn't matter how you decide to wear your dress once you've found one that works best for you, as long as it looks amazing! And remember, you can always alter your dress before the big day to ensure that it fits perfectly.

💡 Pro Tip:There's nothing wrong with buying two dresses- one smaller and one larger- to accommodate changes in your body.

Is it Recommended to Clean Your Own Wedding Dress?

​For many brides, their wedding gown is an heirloom piece they hold close to their hearts. It represents the happiest day of their lives, and they don't want to risk ruining that special memory by not taking care of it properly. However, cleaning your wedding dress isn't only good for the aesthetic side of things; it also helps maintain the integrity of the dress and prevents odors and stains from building up.

While it's true that you should clean your gown, it is not recommended to wash your own wedding dress; instead, use a professional cleaner to take better care of your dress.

We often hear brides attempting to clean their wedding gowns, and the results were either fair-to-middling, or the dress was completely ruined. Not only does professional cleaners know what chemicals to avoid, but they also know the right way to care for your dress.​

Traditional Cleaning Methods Don't Work on Wedding Dresses

Delicate fabric fibers can easily get tangled in the wrong hands and ultimately lead to a damaged gown. Using household cleaners can potentially ruin your dress. Many common cleaners contain harsh detergents that can strip the dress's delicate layers, leaving behind a sticky residue that will eventually attract bacteria and mold.​ Soaking your wedding dress in hot water won't help because the heat can damage your dress.

Ornamental features such as embroidery, beading, sequins, and crystals are some of the hardest parts of your dress to clean. If you try washing them yourself, you risk ruining the intricate details. To keep your dress looking beautiful, hire an expert to clean it.

Another reason why we recommend using professional wedding dress cleaners is because they have the training and experience needed to remove stubborn stains. They generally know what kind of stain remover to use, and they understand which chemicals to apply to each area of the dress.

A professional wedding dress cleaner will also make sure that all the areas of your dress receive the same amount of attention. They'll treat both sides of your dress evenly and gently wipe down every inch of it. Your dress deserves the utmost respect, and only a trained wedding gown specialists knows how to handle delicate fabrics.​

Is it Recommended to go to The Local Dry Cleaners to Get Your Dress Cleaned?

While local dry cleaners are great at getting your suit pressed and ironed on time, they aren't necessarily experts in caring for delicate garments like wedding dresses. This means that while they might do a decent job of cleaning your clothes, they could damage your wedding dress.

"Interestingly, the most dangerous spills are those you can't see," says Sally Conant, a wedding gown specialist. Stains that don't come out easily could mean a stain deep inside the fabric. To find out if there's a hidden spot, you need to check every inch of the seam line, where the neckline meets the waistline, the hem, pockets, belt loops, and sleeves.

Unlike other garments, wedding gown cleaning requires extra attention to detail, and only qualified trainers can ensure that your dress remains intact and stain-free.

Most dry cleaners still use PERC-based degreasers. They are inexpensive for dry cleaners and are the most aggressive forms of cleaning to remove dirt, grease, and oil. The problem with these chemicals is they leave sticky residues which attract more oil, soap scum, lint, and dust.

✍️ Note:

PERC is used in the laundry industry and has been since the 1940s. PERC is hazardous to the environment and classified as carcinogenic to humans by the U.S. Government. In the United States, 60–65% of PERC is used by dry cleaners as their primary solvent. ​Studies show that residents who lived near dry-cleaning establishments (average of 10.6 years) were found to have reduced cognitive function compared to those living far away. 

For many, dry cleaner seems a safe alternative to having a family member wash your dress. However, your wedding gown shouldn't be treated like any other article of clothing. Each piece needs special care, from beads and ruffles to the lining.

The best way to protect your wedding dress is to bring it to us. We specialize in cleaning, wedding dress preservation, and other heirloom pieces. We take pride in providing a service that keeps your precious item in pristine condition.​

Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen: Best Cleaners For Wedding Dress

A bride would never think of washing her white silk gown once it was worn. She wouldn't toss her mother-of-the-groom's wedding dress into the hamper either. At Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen, we know that weddings are expensive affairs, but your wedding dress is an investment that deserves proper maintenance. From removing stains to ensuring longevity, we provide each bridal client with a customized plan to keep their wedding dress looking new forever.​

What Methods Do Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen Use For Cleaning The Gowns?

We use a combination of methods to clean your wedding dress. Our team of skilled professionals starts with a thorough inspection of your gown. Different techniques are utilized to thoroughly clean the fabric depending on the garment's material, stitching, and decoration.

Tough stains are hand cleaned. The 'anti-sugar' stain treatment is a three-step soaking, rubbing, and spot removal process. This wet cleaning technique effectively removes the stains from cake frosting, wine, and soda.​​

Furthermore, we utilize a state of the art technology to treat delicate materials such as satin, chiffon, taffeta, and organza. Our 100% organic coconut water cleaning formula is gentle enough to allow fabrics to breathe without causing damage. Also, due to the natural pH balance of our solution, colors stay vibrant throughout the entire process.

Our professional staff also works diligently to avoid damaging your dress through stretching. Instead, our eco-friendly solvents and plant-based detergents are gentle and non-irritating. In addition to being kinder on your clothes, these prevent wrinkles and creases from forming over time.

💡 Pro Tip:Make sure to send the dress for cleaning the very next day of your reception. The  sooner you do it, the less chance there is for sweat, spills, or food residue to set in.

Get Your Wedding Dresses Preserved at Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen!

If you're considering preserving your wedding dresses or other valuable heirlooms, consider bringing them to Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen first. By choosing to preserve your wedding dress, you can ensure they'll still look beautiful years down the road.

Our preservation process has kept countless bridesmaids and mothers-of-the-bride dresses looking brand new for decades. In addition, we offer several options for preservation, including sweetie, queen, and luxury packages. All packages include 2- way free insured pickup and delivery.

Your preserved dress comes in an airtight box, wrapped in acid free tissue paper with a display window to let you admire it at any time. We also provide accessorizing services so that you can add jewelry, shoes, and accessories to complement your preserved gown.

Contact us today or call us at (317) 209-9951 to get your wedding dress cleaned and preserved for generations to come!