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Wedding Dresses for Older Women - The Over 50s Collection!

Bride N Queen Team | 12 September, 2022

            Wedding Dresses for Older Women - The Over 50s Collection!

Your wedding day is an exciting time for every bride. A wedding is certainly a day where you can express yourself, your love, and add a splash of your taste to your special day. However, finding the perfect gown for you and your style can be a challenge!

Many bridal gowns are available in gorgeous styles that are flattering to any age or body type. We've compiled a list of our favorite stunning bridal gown styles to help you find the perfect wedding dress!

The Trending Dresses for Older Women

Finding a gown that flatters your figure without sacrificing your individual style can be challenging if you're an older bride on the hunt for the perfect dress. Here is a selection of wedding dresses for older women to help you narrow down your options.

A Refined Look With Embroidery

An embroidered wedding dress is a great way to look refined while staying low-key.

Embroidery is a popular method of embellishing simple wedding dresses with textured patterns by sewing them on with thread, and there are countless embroidered design options to choose from.

It is possible to create a completely unique look for the bride's dress by using embroidery, lace, flowers, beading, organza, or fringe, or to match your bouquet, accessories, and the overall decor of the ceremony and reception site.

Simplistic Ball Gown

There's no rule that says older women can't rock a magnificent floor-length ball gown for their big day. All brides, no matter their age, should be treated like royalty on their wedding.

Ball gown dresses can be understated without a lot of flashy details or a long, cumbersome train, making them ideal for brides who like to keep things simple yet romantic on their big day.

With the right amount of ruffles, fabric lace, and pick-ups, even the simplest silhouette can become an absolutely beautiful gown. An off-the-shoulder look will also fit this style well.

Short and Classy 

Short bridal gowns that are just below the knee or knee length are now in vogue and radiate sophistication.

Many modern brides over the age of 50 like to wear cocktail or tea-length dresses because of their relaxed nature. While some may find these styles to be too much on an acquired taste, there are many options available to suit you.

Less is More

As the saying goes, "Less is More" - Many women seek out dresses with less glitz and glamor and opt for a more subtle style. In that case, a delicate lace dress would be perfect for you!

The fabric has a timeless quality that ensures it will always be in style. Wearing a simple lace gown will make you feel and look like the beautiful bride you always imagined for your big day.

High Neckline

You can add an air of unexpected elegance to your bridal look by opting for a dress with a high neck.

High and halter necklines can be subtly alluring when made from illusion fabric. When wearing this type of dress, the style elongates your fabulous arms and legs giving a slimline look.

Sleeves Are in Style!

Good news for mature ladies who prefer to keep their arms covered: sleeves are currently trending. Elegant and tasteful, these gowns show that modesty can be chic.

Sleeves also allow you the option of baring more skin elsewhere. Maybe one with a sweetheart neckline, open back, or off-the-shoulder!

Silk or Satin?

Fabric is one of the characteristics that distinguish an older bride's dress from other wedding gowns. However, many mature brides would rather not wear skin-tight or figure-hugging fabrics. Wedding dresses for mature brides tend to be made from heavier, more luxurious, high-quality materials like silk, tulle, chiffon, or satin.

Dramatic V-neckline

If you want to give the impression of a longer torso, a v-neckline dress, whether it has a subtle or dramatic deep v, is the way to go.

Straps or sleeves give a fashionable touch and additional support to dresses with low V-necks. This neckline v neck will show off your curves and give a hint of allure without exposing too much skin.

How to Clean Your Wedding Dress!

A woman's wedding dress is among her most treasured possessions, regardless of her age. Every bride will do whatever she can to preserve her dress in pristine condition before and after the ceremony. That's why it's so important to plan ahead for how you'll get your bridal gown professionally cleaned after your wedding.

Hiring a professional wedding dress cleaner is the best and safest option. Intricately crafted and extremely fragile, wedding dresses cannot be washed in the same way as regular clothing. You can rest assured that the fragile lace, tulle, embroidery, or silk on your wedding dress will not be damaged if you work with a reliable and skilled cleaning service.

Modern stain removal techniques can be dangerous or ineffective for the average bride to use on their own but are readily available to bridal gown cleaning professionals like Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen.

You can trust that we will take the utmost care with your wedding gown while using only the safest chemical treatments. Moreover, we are familiar with the best methods for preserving the color and vibrancy of the fabrics in your dress.

Contact Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen

Your wedding day is too important to be ruined by worry over mishaps with your wedding dress; instead, have Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen handle the cleaning!

Our experienced and professional wedding gown cleaners take great care to preserve your memories by cleaning your gown with the utmost precision and care. We will also ship it back to you in a special keep-safe box for lasting memories — to keep your dress in perfect condition.

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