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Beach Weddings: How To Get the Sand Out of Your Dress

Bride N Queen Team | 15 August, 2022

            Beach Weddings: How To Get the Sand Out of Your Dress

Weddings are incredibly special occasions, especially if you’re getting married. It is the moment when you and your partner jointly express the promises, pledges, and aspirations you have both decided upon. A wedding is where you and your partner honor your promise to each other.

Everybody has their idea of the perfect wedding destination, but a beach wedding ceremony is one of the most popular options. At beach weddings, there is nothing more lovely than a beach bride kissing the groom in her lengthy, white beach wedding dress with a sandy beach backdrop. The beautiful view and vast ocean create a romantic atmosphere and a stunning background for the wedding photos.

What Are the Best Wedding Dresses for the Beach?

If you're planning a wedding, you must consider a beach wedding. To get you inspired, take a look at the perfect beach wedding dresses to match the perfect wedding destination.

Here are some of the best beach wedding dresses to help you make the most incredible destination wedding dress selection:

Lightweight Fabric

Lightweight fabric wedding dresses are the perfect bridal style for beach weddings. These comfortable materials include cotton, linen, chiffon, soft silk, or lace. The lightweight materials create carefree, flowy forms that sway in the breeze and contribute to the beachy aesthetic. 

Flowy Wedding Dress

A flowy wedding dress is one of the most popular and straightforward styles for a beach wedding. This allows you the comfort and mobility you need to enjoy one of the most significant events in your life. Not only is a flowing wedding dress elegant to look at and ideal for a beach wedding, but it is so simple to make. Flowy beach wedding dresses can be made for very little money if you're a DIY bride. 

Here are some suggestions for lovely, affordable flowing beach wedding dresses that would fit in perfectly against the sand:

  • Maxi wedding dresses

  • Puff sleeve lace beach wedding dresses

  • Tulle-skirted flowy beach wedding dresses

  • Flowy lace bodice beach wedding dresses

  • Strapless flowy beach wedding dresses

  • Flowy gowns with spaghetti straps

Backless Wedding Dress

For beach brides who don't necessarily want to display cleavage but still want to bare a little skin on their special day, an open-back wedding dress is an attractive option. It is one of the most eye-catching beach dresses you can choose for your wedding day. Backless wedding dresses are elegant yet surprising — perfect for a classic bride with a unique flair. 

Here are some pointers on how to wear backless destination wedding dresses authentically:

  • Length: It's important to consider how low you want the back to hang when selecting a backless gown, halfway for a more refined appeal or entirely for a more sensual vibe.

  • Undergarments: Make an early decision on the type of undergarments that will go best with your chosen backless wedding dress. If your undergarments are displayed, they should complement your overall outfit. Otherwise, make sure they fit correctly, so they’re not exposed.

  • Accessories: A sexy back chain necklace is an option if you don't want your back to feel bare. You can also embellish your back with jewels or pearls to make it more elegant.

  • Hairstyle: For backless beach wedding dresses, upstyle hair or side-swept hairstyles are fantastic options for revealing your back with taste.

Short Wedding Dresses and Shorter Frocks

A short and casual wedding dress is straightforward, charming, and features only the essentials: stunning lace, a slender neckline, a hint of leg, and the option for a sexy open back. Short wedding dresses are perfect for a laid-back non-traditional wedding at the beach.

Here are some ideas for short beach wedding dresses:

  • Tiered lace off-the-shoulder, ankle-length beach wedding dresses

  • Halter top mini beach wedding dresses

  • Ruffled midi-length beach wedding dresses

  • Long sleeves midi length dresses

Lace Wedding Dress

Lace wedding dresses are, without a doubt, precious. Whatever you use it for, there's something about a lace design that elevates it. On your wedding day at the beach, adding lace provides freedom and an opportunity to showcase your unique personality. You can choose to wear a full lace gown, some lace sleeves, a lace top, or a whimsical tulle skirt. Whatever you decide, your wedding dress will be unique.

Make sure not to select a heavy lace fabric when picking the specific lace for your beach wedding dresses. You'll need breathable material so you won't sweat during the wedding. When selecting the fabric, it is also essential to consider the dress's style. Whether it’s floral or delicate, almost mesh-like lace, you’ll want it to complement your style. 

Boho Wedding Dress

Boho is unquestionably a perfect wedding dress trend, and the beach and boho styles are made for each other. The relaxed boho design perfectly matches the beach wedding scene and strikes a mix between whimsical elements and a casual and effortless vibe. Boho is just magic for a wedding by the sea.

These are some inspirations for a bohemian wedding dress that you can use:

  • Vintage style boho wedding dresses

  • Lace boho wedding dresses

  • Floral lace bell sleeve boho wedding dresses

  • Casual embroidered boho beach wedding dresses

  • Off-shoulder boho beach wedding dresses

  • Long sleeve boho lace beach wedding dresses

  • Two-piece boho beach wedding dresses

Wedding Dress in the Sand

A wedding at the beach will end in a sandy dress. While it is your special day, you will still need to consider what your wedding dress will endure on the beach. This is especially true since more casual beach brides don’t want to wear shoes or only flat sandals, which almost guarantees that their gown will drag in the sand while walking. You can do several things to take care of your dress after your special occasion.

Here are the common elements that your wedding dress endures in the sand:

Grainy Sand

Grainy sand will inevitably get on your beloved wedding dress at the beach wedding. If your beautiful beach wedding dress is not cleaned correctly, the coarse sand may cause stains and tears due to its rough texture.

Wet Sand

Wet sand is worse than dry, grainy sand. It clings to the fabric of your beach wedding dress, making it tough to remove immediately. Due to how intensely wet sand sticks to your wedding dress, you should avoid attempting to forcefully remove it because doing so may accidentally tear the fabric.

Muddy Sand

If wet sand isn't bad enough, muddy sand is even worse at a beachside wedding. Aside from it being so difficult to remove on the spot, dirty sand will stain your wedding dress if not cleaned properly.

Hot Sand

Hot sand may be easier to remove on the spot because it is dry and can be shaken off easily. However, hot sand may remain on lace or mesh detailing, depending on your beach wedding gown. Your wedding dress may become stained and damaged if it is washed incorrectly.

Wedding Dress in the Sun/Heat

A destination wedding at the beach is ideal on a beautiful, sunny day with a clear view of the vast ocean and the surrounding scenery. However, one thing is unavoidable at an outdoor wedding, and that's your wedding dress enduring the heat:


It's not a huge deal if you sweat on your wedding day. You're there to celebrate the occasion and the special moment to the fullest. The sweat from the hot, sunny day won't damage your wedding dress or your day, but it can cause your dress to stain afterward. To preserve the beauty and freshness of your wedding dress, it’s essential to clean it properly after your special event.

Wedding Dress in the Ocean 

Your wedding will be able to include activities that are uncommon at an indoor wedding if you choose a beach destination. You will have the chance to enjoy the water and be near the ocean.

It's also important to consider and understand what your wedding dress will endure if it collides with the ocean:


If your wedding dress isn't cleaned correctly afterward, the water's salt could harm the fabric and material. This will cause discoloration and long-lasting stains. It doesn’t mean you must avoid the water, but it is essential to clean it correctly afterward.


While enjoying the ocean at your beach wedding, seaweed can easily stick to your wedding dress. If not removed or adequately cleaned later, this could stain your wedding dress or cause a tear.


If they get trapped or tangled, shells risk tearing your beach wedding dress. Additionally, the shell particles may remain on your dress. As a result, it is crucial to get your wedding dress cleaned thoroughly afterward.

How to Clean Your Dress

After a special beach wedding, most brides want to keep their wedding dress for sentimental reasons. However, beaches usually put more strain on and cause more damage to wedding dresses than other venues. The sand, seaweed, shells, water, or mud can soil or stain your dress. In these cases, it's crucial to understand how to clean a wedding dress:

How to Clean Your Beach Wedding Dress

  • Look into the stain: Different stains call for different approaches. Therefore, you must first identify the types and areas of the stains on your dress.

  • Treat it with caution: If you have a dress with complex features, there are numerous areas and details that require greater care. These dresses require hand cleaning and special attention. Try to handle things carefully, even though it can be challenging and time-consuming; we recommend seeking a professional wedding dress cleaning service to take the stress out of your hands and the stains out of your dress!

Seek Out Professionals

Seek assistance from professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled in cleaning wedding dresses. Professional wedding dress cleaners have the expertise and the right equipment to safely and effectively clean any style or design of wedding dresses.

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