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Colorful Wedding Dresses: How to Clean

Bride N Queen Team | 26 October, 2022

            Colorful Wedding Dresses: How to Clean

When people think about a wedding, a white wedding dress is frequently the color that comes to mind. However, the perfect wedding dress can be your favorite color and design. If it’s your wedding day, your wedding dress should be exactly what you want it to be to feel beautiful and comfortable.

A colorful wedding dress is a stunning way to show off your flair on your special day and can truly change the game. The conventional white, cream, or ivory wedding dress is no longer the only option for bridal fashion because there are so many colorful wedding dresses available.

What Colors Are Trending in the Wedding Dress World?

If you're seeking the ideal wedding dress to complement your distinctive personality and the modern-day atmosphere, here are the best different colored dresses to suit your fancy in the world of wedding gowns.

Pale Pink

A pale pink wedding dress is one of the best selections for brides that wish to resemble the traditional white wedding but don't want to be entirely conventional. Pale pink can be an excellent color for a Markarian gown made of pale pink silk dupioni that looks exquisitely gorgeous for a black-tie wedding. This feminine silhouette is perfectly completed with a fitted bodice, puff sleeves, and a soft train.

Bright Yellow

Bright yellow can be one of the best colorful wedding dresses that are not irritating to the eyes. Yellow wedding dresses can be beautiful, especially for women with a warm skin tone and dark hair. Any bright yellow wedding dress style can be great; it can be short or long sleeve, made of airy tulle, or simple and striking in all yellow. Accessories in darker, contrasting hues like green, blue, or brown would be the ideal complement to any style and design of a bright yellow wedding dress. They would be the most acceptable way to showcase such a beautiful color.


Red wedding dresses are a color that represents joy and passion and is sure to impress both your partner and your guests. It's a beautiful color that exudes self-assurance. This color will look lovely with a ruffly, strapless tulle ball gown or a fancy, elegant maxi dress. Whatever you decide, enjoy the attention as much as possible since it’s your wedding party.

Blue & Navy

Deep blue and navy blue wedding dresses are among many people's favorite colors for the fall wedding season. It’s an excellent option for achieving a dramatic bridal look. A blue wedding dress is perfect for a garden wedding, a sophisticated ballroom event, and most wedding styles because it is a calming color. It’s a fabulous colorful wedding dress that is elegant and sophisticated and commands attention.


Purple is a wonderful color that comes in many shades. Brides quite uncommonly choose this regal shade for non-white wedding gowns. However, it is a lovely hue that is striking and distinct. A distinctive purple wedding gown with a fitted bodice and ruffled skirt can enhance the magic of your big day.

Other Colorful Wedding Dress Options:

  • Light Gold

  • Rose Gold

  • Burgundy

  • Slate Gray

  • Silver

  • Forest Green

  • Mint Green

  • Champagne

What Styles Look Best With Colored Wedding Dresses?

As a bride-to-be, you want to guarantee that your wedding dress is perfect and has the desired color. Particular styles go well with various colored wedding dresses, depending on your chosen color.

  • Champagne is a timeless neutral color that looks stunning with simple lines and modern silhouettes. Champagne is the perfect color for lace, Boho, wrap, midi, and maxi dresses with pleated skirts.

  • Ivory:It is the closest to a white wedding theme. Ivory is excellent for bridal gowns with mermaid silhouettes, full or sleeveless lace, backless bohemian designs, long tulle off-the-shoulder gowns, and double v-necklines.

  • Light Pink: In this exquisite color, there are many lovely options, including maxi dresses, chiffon gowns, mermaid gowns, Cordelia gowns, off-the-shoulder ball gowns, and ruffle gowns.

  • Red: Red is the color that most symbolizes passion, and it looks great with long sleeves, full-length gowns, sensual cutouts, corset wedding dresses, Bridgerton styles, and ballet bride designs.

  • Light Blue: One of the most significant emerging trends in spring and fall was blue wedding dresses. Lighter blue can be used greatly in couture dresses, Jackie gowns, Boho styles, and Cinderella dresses.

  • Purple: Purple is a beautiful shade for wedding dresses of all styles. It works well as a ball gown, lace wedding dress, mermaid wedding gown, bohemian style, and strapless wedding dress.

  • Subtle Hint of Color: Any style will look excellent with a subtly colored wedding dress, depending on your theme and setting. For a more laid-back look, choose a maxi or midi dress; for upscale settings, choose a ball gown or mermaid gown. Outdoor weddings can be the perfect setting for tulle and boho-inspired dresses.

What Happens When You Wash a Colored Wedding Dress?

Cleaning a colored wedding dress at home may be possible if you have the correct cleaning supplies and experience. If you are unfamiliar with cleaning wedding dresses, attempting to do it yourself at home is not recommended. Colored wedding dresses can be delicate and require proper cleaning methods to be cleaned and preserved.

Does the Color Run?

If the right cleaning materials and cleaning solutions aren't applied, the color of the wedding dress will run and can ruin the entire wedding dress.

How to Wash a Colored Wedding Dress

The best way to wash a colored wedding dress and preserve it is by working with a professional wedding dress cleaning service. A professional cleaning and preservation company has the appropriate cleaning tools and techniques to safely and effectively clean a colorful wedding dress. Professionals can remove any stains and discolorations that conventional dry cleaners can't remove.

Seek Professional Help

Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen is a premium cleaning and preservation company specializing in cleaning and preserving any style of wedding dress, including colorful wedding dresses. Our expert cleaners provide excellent cleaning and preservation services and have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle priceless bridal gowns.

Make sure that specialists treat your priceless, colorful wedding dress with the utmost care. Call (317) 209-9951 or visit our website to get in touch with us!