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Wedding Dresses With Pockets — How To Clean

Bride N Queen Team | 26 October, 2022

            Wedding Dresses With Pockets — How To Clean

A wedding dress represents the transition from singlehood to a brand-new commitment and partnership. An exquisite wedding dress should make the bride look and feel beautiful. Traditionally, wedding dresses were more on the bridal fashion side, with only a few styles and options to choose from.

Today, a wedding dress can be both gorgeous and functional. On your wedding day, you don't have to decide between beauty and functionality because you can get a wedding dress with hidden pockets! Pockets are the perfect solution for stashing tissues, snacks, rings, or anything else you might want on your big day. After your special day, you should properly clean your wedding dress, take good care of it, and keep it as a memento.

2022 — Pockets Are in!

Nothing compares to a wedding dress that is both lovely and functional. Having a wedding dress with pockets has the advantage of allowing you to keep little items inside of them without affecting your glam. In 2022, pockets on wedding dresses are the bomb! Here are a few examples of amazing wedding dresses with pockets that share a new fashion for the contemporary bride.

Amsale Ailey Dress

Amsale offers the best silk white dress collection and bridal gowns. The Ailey Dress is the ideal wedding gown with side pockets, featuring a gorgeous silk-faille pleated skirt, airy fabric,a sheer illusion back, long sleeves, and a chapel-length train. The full skirt and delicate square neckline offer a minimalist bridal look. It is a contemporary interpretation of a classic style in classic ivory with just a touch of distinctive embellishments.

Lela Rose Bridal: The Cambridge Dress

The Cambridge Dress by Lela Rose Bridal is the perfect dress as it combines elegance with playfulness and practicality. It has off-the-shoulder sleeves with bow detailing, a long skirt with side pockets, and is made of Swiss dot silk jacquard. It has covered buttons down the back, creating an elegant but chic ensemble. It’s a modest but lovely bridal gown with functional side pockets that don't detract from its elegance and dramatic modern flair.

Jenny by Jenny Yoo Spencer Dress

Jenny by Jenny Yoo Spencer Dress is the ultimate romantic wedding dress. It has a luxurious taffeta circle skirt and a plunging neckline bodice. The chic and contemporary projection tulle side panel and side pockets perfectly match the lovely and dramatic sweep and detachable square train. It will boost your elevated and sophisticated look.

Viktor & Rolf Mariage Couture Patchwork Gown

The Patchwork Gown by Viktor & Rolf Mariage Couture is a wedding dress for the bride seeking to make a statement. It highlights a graphic patchwork skirt in the style of couture contrasted with the pristine satin sweetheart bodice. This dress is unique, including a detachable square chapel train, bow accent, and side pockets.

What Could Get Into the Pockets of Your Wedding Dress?

After your special day, take care of your wedding dress. When cleaning your wedding dress, it's crucial to understand what could end up in the pockets and need to be dealt with. Knowing these things can help you clean your wedding dress effectively. Here are some everyday items that you should be aware of and that might sneak into your side pockets as you celebrate your special day:

  • Bacteria: Whether you're having a garden wedding, beach wedding, or any other theme, bacteria can sneak into your pockets from various items you carry in your pockets or from the wedding venue. Bacteria can be found anywhere and can infiltrate things like your side pockets.

  • Crumbs: Crumbs is one of the most typical items that can get stuck in a wedding dress pocket. Weddings often fly by, so you may cut and eat the cake, then forget to grab a napkin.

  • Marks: There is always a chance that the items you store in your pockets will leave marks on the pockets of your wedding dress. These include smudges from your phone, camera, sanitizer, lipstick, a make-up-stained towel, tissues, or other cosmetics.

  • Confetti: The pockets of your wedding dress are easy for confetti to end up. If it gets stuck in a pocket of a wedding dress, it's also one of the trickiest things to remove.

  • Colored Dye:Colored dye is also challenging to remove. You can get dye on your dress from money, keys, or confetti if it gets wet. 

Pockets Are Tough to Clean!

After a beautiful day and when it's time to clean your valuable wedding dress, it's always easy to forget to check your pockets. If not cleaned correctly, your wedding dress might end up damaged by the side pockets' contents. It can be challenging to remove or clean some items that get stuck in the pockets of the bridal dress. If the stains are not removed properly, they may even spread and ruin the dress entirely. If not cleaned properly, sharp items in the pockets might easily rip the dress. Indeed, pockets in dresses are challenging to clean.

How Do You Clean Your Wedding Dress With Pockets?

The best way to clean your priceless wedding dress is to have trusted, and reliable cleaning professionals clean it. No matter the design or style, a wedding dress can be adequately cared for with the help of a wedding dress restoration and preservation service. 

A professional wedding dress cleaner can safely clean a wedding dress using the necessary techniques and equipment. They also know how to handle various stains or items that end up in the pocket of a wedding dress and effectively remove and clean them. Nothing compares to a professional service in preserving and cleaning your wedding dress.

Contact the Experts

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