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Preserving Your Best Day: An Introduction to Wedding Dress Preservation

Bride N Queen Team | 18 January, 2022

            Wedding Dress Preservation

The memories of your best day are ones that you want to keep forever. You, as a bride, no doubt put a lot of effort into your wedding planning and your wedding dress is a testament to all the hard work, love, and emotion you put into that special day. However, memories last longer and feel more real when they are paired with a tangible item that can be preserved, like photos, the invitation, or your wedding gown. 

Preserving a bridal gown can be a challenge. Often, wedding dresses are simply bagged up and hung in a closet, then forgotten. This is a terrible fate to befall such an important garment. We’re here to present to you the reasons why you should preserve your wedding dress and the steps to take to keep your wedding dress looking the same as it did on your best day.

Why Would I Preserve My Wedding Dress?

A wedding gown is a garment you use only once, right? So why does it need to be preserved? Well, there are a number of great reasons to preserve your wedding dress:

Historical Value

A wedding dress is a testimony to the bond you share with your partner and a souvenir from a landmark date in your life. Your wedding gown is a physical artifact that can be compared to a wedding ring or other items from your life. It can also be a piece of history that perfectly represents your personal style and the style of the era. Your wedding dress might have significance beyond your intimate family one day.

Generational Value

It’s joyous when you can pass your wedding dress down to a relative. Even if you don’t have children yet, preserving this important garment leaves that option open. Keeping and preserving your wedding dress lets you share the love and joy of your best day with other loved ones, especially those that were not around at the time.

Continual Giving

Preservation lets you spread the love. If you save your dress, maybe one day you will want to donate it to others who cannot afford a new garment for their special day. A single dress can be divided and shared so that the material can contribute to the dresses, veils, or clutches for multiple brides. These can also be presented as gifts to loved ones inside or outside the family. In this way, your best day can travel through time, spreading the love and joy of that day to future generations.

Wedding Dress Preservation: Not Your Regular Dry Cleaning

It’s a mistake to send your dress to a regular dry cleaner. The materials used in wedding dress creation are different from most other garments. Instead, you should reach out to a professional wedding dress preservationistas soon as possible.Sunlight and oxidation can immediately impact your wedding dress, and a professional wedding gown preservationist can act quickly to prevent this damage. They can also fix any wear and tear that happened during the wedding and celebrations so that the dress is almost like brand new before going into storage.

Wedding dresses also need special care. They need to be stored with acid-free materials, in cool, dry, dark places so that fabric is not impacted. The work of a wedding dress preservationist goes well beyond simple dry cleaning.

Like any garment, wedding dresses are subject to the forces of time. A wedding dress that is treated by a professional preservationist can be preserved for multiple uses, enabling this most precious of keepsakes to keep giving happiness for years to come.

Bride and Queen Can Help You Preserve Your Best Day

Reach out to the team atBride and Queen! Our eco-friendly preservation techniques can help you preserve your wedding dress and keep this important legacy safe so it can be passed down one day. Do you have questions about wedding dress preservation? Thencontact us today!