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Preserving Your Wedding Dress: 3 Things You Should Know

Bride N Queen Team | 08 February, 2022

            Wedding Dress Cleaners

Your wedding dress isthe dress that will always hold a special place in your heart. For centuries, women around the world have been practicing the lovely tradition of saving their dress and passing it down to their beloved ones.

On the other hand, some modern brides are veering away from tradition and are instead having their gown repurposed into something else – like a cocktail dress – they can wear and enjoy more frequently. Or they are choosing to donate it to someone less fortunate and in need of a wedding miracle.

Regardless of what you decide to do with your own wedding gown, the first step is to send it to professional wedding dress cleaners who can help you keep it intact and beautiful for a long time. If you are considering having your gown preserved, this post is for you.

A bridal dress is most often made from a delicate fabric and may have a lot of intricate lace, sequins, beading, netting, and other details. It goes without saying that preserving such a garment takes a LOT of attention and care. In this article, we are discussing some important things you must keep in mind while preserving your dress after your big day.

Do Not Use Bleach To Self-Clean A Stain

“Urggh! My optical white dress got a ketchup stain on it! Oh wait, I have got that bottle of bleach specifically for white garments. Problem solved!”

No. This is not the time or place to let your inner DIY ninja take over. Due to the dainty and flimsy nature of the material of the dress, you can never be sure of howbleach would react with the lace or the beads or the netting. The best thing to do is to send your gown to wedding dress cleaners who know what they are doing. 

Do Not Delay in Sending the Dress to the Cleaners

There’s this phenomenon known as latent stains – these annoying salt, sugar, and acidic stains don’t look like much in the moments they are developing, but soon they turn into ugly brownish patches. Sweat and body oils can also lead to stains that darken over time.

When it comes to removing stains from your wedding dress, or any delicate garment for that matter, keep these immortal words by a wisewiseman in mind, “I feel the need, the need for speed.”  Before you take off for your honeymoon, send the dress to wedding dress cleaners!

Do Not Trust Just Any Dry Cleaner To Do the Job

Nothing against dry-cleaning professionals, they are amazing people who know how to take the stains out of a variety of things including regular clothes, coats, upholstery, and bedding. The issue is that they don’t necessarily specialize in working with intricate lace and delicate fabrics.

Someone who uses PERC and harsh chemicals to clean stains out of a carpet should not be your first choice to remove wine stains from your silk chiffon and Chantilly lace dress featuring floral embroidery. Professional wedding dress cleaners, like Bride N Queen, use gentle chemicals and technologies to ensure your gown is cleaned in a way that retains its natural beauty for a lifetime.

#1 Wedding Dress Cleaners For Cleaning, Restoring, & Preserving With Plant-Based Solutions

At Bride N Queen, we are obsessed with fine fabrics and taking care of them – so much so that we created our own 100% all-natural wedding dress cleaning and preserving formula infused with the goodness of coconut water. Our experts are meticulous in their execution of a 15-step process that will ensure your bridal gown is pristine and preservedfor a lifetime.

And yes, that’s our assurance. 

  • Plant-based, sustainable, and environmentally friendly cleaning products & processes.
  • Each dress is handled by hand with love, care, and white-cotton gloves.
  • All materials used to store the dress are 100% acid-free and pH-neutral.
  • Lifetime warranty against yellowing and element damage.
  • Free 2-way shipping insured up to $1,000 declared value.

Once our wedding dress cleaners have performed their magic, your dress will be preserved for generations. Give us a call at (317) 209-9951 or leave a message here to get started!