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Bride N Queen Team | 07 July, 2022

But What About The Gents? Preserving Your Wedding Day Tuxedo

Preserving Your Wedding Day Tuxedo

In preparation for a wedding, the groom's suit is frequently overlooked while the bride's appearance for the day takes precedence. The suit worn by the husband-to-be, however, is still an important element of a wedding. The history of men's wedding attire is a long and varied one, with the groom's suit often changing to match the trends of the time. Before the Victorian era, for example, it was not uncommon for grooms to wear brightly colored or patterned suits. Today, however, the groom's suit is more likely to be a traditional black or gray, although some fun-loving grooms (and some brides) still like to wear a pop of color or white.

The suit is, without a doubt, one of the most important elements of a wedding outfit, and one of the most cherished memories of the special day. Its origin, on the other hand, is considerably less well-known than that of the wedding dress. There is, however, an interesting history of how it all began.

The Cut of a Man – Prince Albert, King Edward VII, and Why 1865 Was an Important Year

Preserving Your Wedding Day Tuxedo

Throughout history, grooms from modest classes would simply wear their best clothes to their wedding, which might have included a nice coat, but most certainly did not mean a full top-to-bottom styling. For rich families, however, the groom's attire was just as important as the bride's attire. Both the bride and the groom would wear an extravagant outfit to show off their wealth. This oftentimes meant the groom would wear layers of furs, velvets, and silks. In fact, men's wedding dress in the 1650s was all about tight-fitting breeches and flamboyant frock coats.

That all changed in the mid-nineteenth century (1840) when the British Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's lavish wedding ceremonies revolutionized both women's and men's wedding attire.

During the wedding, Prince Albert opted to wear his military attire, which began a royal custom that is still observed today. The style of Albert's military jacket, single-breasted with a cutaway front and tails, became known as a morning coat and was a popular option for grooms of the time. However, it was not only Prince Albert who inspired men's wedding apparel in the past. Follow us as we look at how another famous royal influenced men's wedding dress fashion to what we see today.

King Edward VII

During the Victorian era, the future King Edward VII, son of Victoria and Albert and Prince of Wales, was a trend-setter. His mother lived a long life as Queen, which kept him in limbo well into his 50s. With few stately responsibilities, Prince Edward spent his time making waves amongst the fashionable elite. In fact, he was the first gentleman to sport a short jacket to the races and greatly influenced modern men's fashion. The suits in this style were later termed the cut of Prince Edward, which quickly became popular with grooms throughout the last two centuries.

The Prince Edward jacket is a three-quarter length garment, usually in grey or black, with a single-breasted front and four-button closure. It may be worn with either a grey or black pair of trousers or a patterned trouser that complements the jacket's fabric.

Today, many grooms aim to replicate the cut of Prince Edward's jacket to recreate the charm and elegance of the Victorian era.

The Menswear Fashion Revolution of 1865

The tuxedo emerged onto the scene in 1865 as an alternative to the more formal tailcoat, thanks, again, to trend-setter Prince Edward VII. The tuxedo's name and popularity stems from the influence of the affluent Americans who wore this suit style while attending the Autumn Ball held in Tuxedo Park, New York in 1886. However, the style of suit itself actually dates back to Edward VII (then the Prince of Wales) who wore it at one of his first public appearances with wife Alexandra in 1865. The tuxedo jacket as we know it today first may have made its appearance in the late 1800s, but it wasn't until the 1920s that it became a staple in a gentleman's wardrobe.

Modern Tuxedos Today and How They Work with Wedding Dresses

Preserving Your Wedding Day Tuxedo

Over the next 150 years or so, popular men's suits and jackets varied in length and cut. Sometimes broad shoulders and wide lapels were in style, sometimes skinny ties and shorter hemmed pants were all the rage. Grooms tend to wear a suit that fits in with whatever is trendy at the time.

A vintage-inspired wedding is a unique way to embrace the old-fashioned ideals that are still very popular in today's society. It's no surprise that this trend has taken off at weddings, given the rise of retro style in recent years. As a result, it has led to the desire for a wedding gown and tuxedo combination by many couples.

However, in reality, wedding attire is all about the bride and groom's personal style. There are no rules as to what you can and cannot wear on your wedding day!

Preserving Your Wedding Day Tuxedo

Preserving Your Wedding Day Tuxedo

Although there might be a lot of attention paid to wedding gown preservation, it is just as sentimental for the groom to preserve his tuxedo. After all, the tuxedo is an important part of the wedding day. The groom's tuxedo should be treated with the same care and attention to detail as the bridal gown.

Both the bride and groom should select a trustworthy company for the cleaning and preserving of their wedding gown and tuxedo. A good preservationist will be able to clean and press all wedding garments, then preserve them for future generations.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a preservationist for your tuxedo. First, make sure that the company you select is experienced in cleaning and pressing tuxedos. Many gown preservationists offer tuxedo cleaning and pressing services, but it is important to select a company that actually specializes in tuxedos to ensure that your garment is handled with care.

Second, be sure to ask about the different preservation methods available and what method the company recommends for your tuxedo. While the most common tux and wedding dress cleaning and preservation method is dry cleaning, this method uses harsh chemicals that could damage your garments. There are other options available that may be better for your tuxedo. For example, some tuxedo preservationists offer wet cleaning, which is a gentle cleaning method that uses fewer chemicals and is ideal for delicate fabrics.

“Traditional” Dry Cleaning Versus Organic Methods

Preserving Your Wedding Day Tuxedo

Dry cleaning has been a popular option for nicer garments for many years. Many individuals employ ordinary dry cleaning as a means of keeping their clothing looking newer and helping them last longer. Traditional dry cleaning, however, employs hazardous chemicals and solvents that may endanger both the environment and your personal health, while simultaneously damaging the delicate fabric of your wedding clothing. Getting your tuxedo or wedding dress cleaned via dry cleaning may not be a great idea.

Having them cleaned with an organic method, on the other hand, is a safe alternative to the traditional dry cleaning method. Organic cleaning is also a more environmentally friendly choice as it makes use of natural, biodegradable solvents rather than poisonous chemicals. It is an excellent option for wedding dresses and tuxedos because it will not only clean them perfectly, but will also preserve the fabric and keep it looking pristine for a longer period.

Before cleaning, the garment is treated with an organic solution that dissolves any embedded dirt and stains. Why is this important? Because of the fragility of their materials, tuxedos and wedding gowns are often damaged or permanently stained by harsh chemicals. Organic cleaning, however, helps to preserve the delicate fibers in your garments. Using this method reduces the likelihood of your clothing fading or losing form.

Preserving Your Bridegroom Attire for Future Generations

After comparing the organic cleaning option to the traditional dry-cleaning approach, it is clear that a treasured garment like a wedding dress or tuxedo should be cleaned through organic means. Next, you'll want to make sure your wedding dress and tuxedo can be kept in excellent condition. Luckily, the finest experts can ensure that your garments get both cleaned and preserved in one affordable package.

You might be overwhelmed by the prospect of having to store your wedding dress and tuxedo. However, there is no cause for alarm. Professional wedding dress preservationists understand the nitty-gritty of keeping a wedding gown and tuxedo in great shape.

You can rest assured that by consulting with the right wedding attire preservationist, your dress and suit will be protected from invisible stains, creases, or mildew. They are also likely to keep them looking new longer than you would expect!

Bridal gowns and groom suits are quite pricey, so it's no surprise that they necessitate the expertise of a preservationist to maintain them in pristine condition. A professional can ensure that your gown or suit is stored away properly to avoid damage from UV light, dust, insects, and other elements.

A typical wedding gown preservation kit includes an acid-free preservation box and acid-free tissue paper. The box helps to protect the bridal gown or tuxedo from moisture and pests, while the tissue paper shields the fabric from discoloration or damage. Your dress or suit is carefully folded and placed in this acid-free box to avoid permanent creases. The delicate fabric can still breathe because the box isn't fully sealed.

Finally, you don't have to be concerned about the expense of hiring a professional preservationist. The average cost is more than worth paying compared to having it restored after years of neglect.

A Perfect Match – Preserving Wedding Day Attire Together

The final step in preserving your wedding dress and tuxedo is to find the correct storage location for them. Preserved wedding gowns and suits should be kept in a cool, dry, and dark place. The humidity level of the storage room should be kept at 50 percent. This is why attics and basements should not be used to house your wedding gowns and suits. Attics are excessively hot, while basements are damp and susceptible to flooding.

It might be best to select a windowless closet that is dry and dark as the storage space for your wedding attire. However, according to the experts, you should take the dress and tuxedo out of storage on occasion and check for any deterioration. After that, you may fold them back up and put them back in the preservation box.

What Bride N Queen Offers You

Preserving Your Wedding Day Tuxedo

A well-preserved wedding gown and wedding suit are a wonderful way to share your joy with future generations. If you're looking for a way to keep your dress and tuxedo in prime condition, look no further than Bride N Queen. We offer archival-quality preservation for both your wedding gown and tuxedo, so you can rest assured that your memories will be safe for years to come.

For couples who want to keep their wedding attire for a vow renewal ceremony or future generations to wear, we provide range of tuxedo and wedding dress preservation packages. Browse our preservation options and see how we can save the wedding attire of your dreams for a reasonable price. You'll find the perfect fit for you with our luxury wedding dress cleaning and preservation packages!

Are you in search of suit or dress preservation near me? We make it simple for you to send your wedding gown and wedding suit to us thanks to our free 2-way insured shipping. Once you place your order, we send you a wedding gown preservation kit with everything you need to pack up and send your attire to us. We will carefully examine your garments and develop a unique plan using organic cleaning and preservation methods to remove any stains, repair any imperfections, and prepare it to be stored in its best condition for years to come!