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The DIY Wedding Movement and You- Bride N Queen Company

Bride N Queen Team | 08 July, 2022

The DIY Wedding Movement and You

The DIY Wedding Movement and You

The bridal fashion industry is constantly changing, and this year was no exception. From the latest trends in dresses to table décor colors- we saw it all! The wedding inspiration theme coming from runway shows filtered down to what you can expect on your special day. In addition to some interesting new ideas for outfits or color palettes that will make an impactful statement, these new designs offer brides a wealth of possibilities to incorporate and re-work for their big day.

The idea of a unique wedding is becoming more popular as weddings themselves become less generic and instead focus on the couple's personality. One way this has been shown in recent years is through bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses were one of the first elements to show off creativity outside of traditional styles or templates for how people should dress up at formal events!

This year's trend allows creative room for you to look the best version of yourself rather than the traditional generic take on wedding gowns.

The DIY Wedding Movement

The Wedding DIY movement has emerged as a result of brides becoming more and more hesitant about the notion of large, heavy gowns as they struggle to carry the large, outspoken gowns for several hours on their special day. This perspective has resulted in the evolution of wedding gowns today.

It is very popular for a bride to request a non-traditional wedding theme. The latest trend has seen dresses with extravagant sleeves, and outspoken shoulder pads and trains become a thing of the past. Today, brides are less into the 'princess' theme for their weddings and more interested in finding something that best reflects their personality.

Today's brides are ditching the taffeta and tulle for something less formal in design, an effortless, beautiful bridal gown. The key to 2022 wedding gown designs has become simplicity, giving our brides the freedom they desire on such an occasion!

Examples of DIY Wedding Gowns

Examples of DIY Wedding Gowns

1930s Glamour

This wedding dress features an open back and contrasting lace panels, which give it a glamorous 1930s look. The fitted bodice has a sweetheart neckline and is adorned with lace appliqués. At the same time, the skirt is full and flared to provide the dress with a classic silhouette. This wedding dress would be perfect for a bride who wants a vintage-inspired look on her big day. This lovely 1930s-style design can be made in any color preference.

Mermaid Gown

The Mermaid Gown is a popular choice for many brides who want something with an ethereal design, a comfortable gown for a bride to dance the night away. The skirt tightens at the hips and thighs but has enough room to flare out from your knees- achieved either by cutting panels into it or attaching different fabric from the knee! The name "Trumpet Gowns" comes from the flared skirt, and it is one of the most popular DIY wedding gown designs.

A-Line Gowns

This style is a classic for a good reason. The fitted bodice and flowing skirt create the shape of an elegant A, making it perfect the perfect gown to celebrate your wedding day! This style is achieved by using princess line panels that create just enough shaping for your figure, leaving the gown flattering on anyone who wears it. It's a design of choice for many DIY wedding gowns since it is relatively simple to construct.

Lacey Bodice Sheath Wedding Dress

This elegant crepe skirt paired with an all-lace bodice is the perfect choice for a DIY wedding dress. The simple yet detailed design features feminine lace detailing that will have you looking like a dream in your next big event!

The all-lace bodice and skirt make this dress a perfect choice for those looking to add some detail without sacrificing classic style. You may complement this sheath wedding dress with a flower bracelet and pinned-back hair.

Wedding Dresses for the DIY Movement

You'll find it difficult to resist the allure of a vintage wedding dress. Whether you're drawn in by its romance and elegance or want something more exciting like a roaring 1920s style - there is always something for everyone!

A vintage wedding dress is a perfect way to express your style while paying homage to your favorite decade. Not only that, but the dresses come in a variety of iconic forms that will go with you anywhere. Each decade has unique trends and silhouettes that can quite easily be replicated with modern designs.

A Return to Vintage - Pre-Victorian and Vintage-Inspired Looks

A Return to Vintage - Pre-Victorian and Vintage-Inspired Looks

While there are many vintage-inspired wedding dresses to select from, styles from the Regency-era take pre-eminence in modern wedding dresses. If you enjoy Regency-era froufrou dresses and empire waist silhouettes, they are the perfect design for you. Today, most bridal gowns are based on designs from the regency era, also known as the pre-Victorian period. Here are some of these vintage patterns that have reappeared in today's 2022 modern bridal gowns.

Markarian Tiered Gown

This dress has a delicate design with a touch of regality. The fitted bodice has a V-neckline and is adorned with intricate beadwork. The gathered skirt falls to the floor in tiers of ethereal tulle. A beaded belt adds the finishing touch to the gown. The Markarian tiered gown is perfect for various occasions, from black tie affairs to weddings. This gown also includes features of the Regency period, such as an empire waist and cap sleeves which adds regal majesty to its design.

Minimalist Savannah Miller Gown

The Savannah Miller Gown is a beautiful, minimalist dress that pays homage to 19th-century design. This dress features a basic form and delicate sleeves and is perfect for any formal occasion. Whether you're attending a wedding or a black-tie event, the Savannah Miller Gown is an excellent option. The dress is traditionally worn with a simple pair of earrings and heels. The Savannah Miller Gown is perfectly colored in black, white, or ivory.

Floral-Print Tulle Dress

The lovely feminine design of the flower-print tulle dress is exquisite for a minimalist wedding occasion. This dress is ideal for a laid-back garden wedding. The dress is made from lightweight tulle and has a relaxed style, making it perfect for any occasion. Depending on your preference, you can wear it with or without a veil.

If you're looking for a dress that's both unique and timeless, then this flower-print tulle dress is the perfect choice for you. It's made from high-quality materials and is designed to last so that you can wear it again and again!

Tulle Layered Maxi Skirt

Try a ruffled skirt if you want to add a little Regency romanticism to your bridal gown. The fluffy, flowing frills will look stunning when photographed, perfect for an outdoor wedding in the summer. The tulle fabric is also an excellent choice for a summer wedding as it will keep you cool and comfortable while looking gorgeous.

Taffeta Diamante Strap Dress

A glittering wedding gown with diamante sleeves and a beautiful pearl button makeover is perfect for a Georgian-themed wedding dress. This glamorous strap dress will be a must-have since it features a beautifully ruched bodice! The taffeta skirt is ideal for a winter wonderland-themed wedding or an extravagant ballroom affair.

Preserving the DIY Wedding Dress

Preserving the DIY Wedding Dress

If you're thinking about what to do with your gown after the wedding is over, consider preserving your dress. The longer it sits in direct sunlight or gets stained by dust, dirt, and other substances, the more likely oxidation will cause damage that is not easily reversed. Oxidation can be slowed by storing the gown in a cool, dark, and dry storage space after the wedding and before cleaning it.

It's worth noting that not all stains show up immediately. Wedding gowns are made of fabrics that attract contaminants easily, so it's a good idea to plan your wedding gown preservation ahead of time.

The kind of damage that wine and chloride salt can do to your fabric is unpredictable. It may be just a little spill or smudge, but it could ruin your beautiful gown with time. You should never clean a wedding gown yourself; instead, choose expert wedding gown cleaners to savor your dress.

Steps You Can Take to Preserve Your Handmade Treasure

Get Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning Services

It's critical for wedding gown cleaning to be handled by experts, and it must be done before the dress is stored. Suppose you've had a rigorous dance floor experience, sweat stains, marks from your hands, or makeup particles after your special evening of celebration. In that case, this will damage the fabric over time if not taken care of quickly enough!

An excellent way to prolong the life of your wedding dress is to take it to a professional dry cleaner and have it cleaned and pressed before you store it away. This will remove any built-up dirt, sweat, or oils that can cause yellowing or staining, and it will also help keep the fabric looking crisp and new.

Compared to the amount used in repairing damages caused by delayed cleaning, no amount is too big for this cleaning solution. A professional wedding gown cleaner will use the correct cleaning technique and chemicals to restore your bespoke dress's luster.

Get a Wedding Dress Preservation Box

After having your bespoke wedding dress cleaned by a professional, the next most significant thing is to preserve the delicate fabrics of your dress for the long term. It must be done correctly, though. That's where a preservation box comes into play! These specially manufactured chests are made with lignin-free and acid-free tissue paper to keep any dress safely tucked away in an archival environment. You can look back on these memories forever without worrying about damages or fading due to time.

This type of storage container called a “wedding dress preservation box,” ensures that your beautiful dress lasts through generations by storing it at ideal temperatures between 35°F – 65 ° F (2 C). The patented design features airtight seals keeping bugs outside while providing ample space to store dresses of all sizes.

These stackable storage boxes, also known as preservation boxes, are sturdy and versatile. They're made of high-density, crush-proof corrugated cardboard that can withstand being moved or unintentionally stepped on. There's no doubt that wedding dress storage boxes are perfect for gown preservation and that a preserved wedding gown will last for years to come.

Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen Offers a Two-in-One Solution

Luxury Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation Package

One of the key distinctions between Laxa Cleaners Bride N Queen and other bridal cleaners is that you get everything you need for cleaning and preserving your wedding gown all in one location! Laxa Cleaners offers a variety of services for all types and styles, including wedding dress cleaning. We will make sure your handmade dress shines like never before, and preserve it with our patented preservation boxes that keep delicate fabrics looking fresh forever!

Not the Regular Dry Cleaning

Bride N Queen's wedding gown experts are skilled in the cleaning and preservation of wedding gowns utilizing environmentally friendly techniques. Each gown is handled and cleaned individually, and we do everything possible to keep delicate lace, embroidery, and beads safe throughout the cleaning process.

Your dress deserves the best care possible, which is why we use acid-free materials for all wedding gowns we clean. This ensures that your garment will be safe from water damage and mold or other contaminants

Order Online Now

Order Cleaning and Preservation Service

All you have to do is place your order for our cleaning and preservation service! We'll then send you a kit with everything you need in order to mail us your wedding gown. Keep in mind that free shipping is available on all orders.

A specialist will then create a unique treatment strategy based on your wedding gown's materials and textiles, as well as identify and treat any stains. Within 2-3 weeks, we make sure you get your wedding gown cleaned and preserved! If you have any questions regarding our services or need assistance with your order, contact us or call us (800) 519-7698.